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Best Hospitals For Spinal Surgery

Being one of the most complex issues, neurosurgical treatment is one of the main focuses of modern invasive medicine and rehabilitation. Minimally traumatic surgical techniques were implemented in this regard. Such procedures are not performed in every healthcare facility.

Unfortunately, most patients are still treated with the “traditional open surgeries”, a method introduced in the late 1930s. Therefore, many patients want to find neurosurgery clinics that can perform sparing interventions on the spine and spinal cord.

Spinal pathologies and types of surgeries

Spine surgery is a reasonable medical choice for people with severe manifestations of scoliosis, intervertebral hernias, vertebral fractures, tumors, and many other conditions. Each clinical case requires its own highly effective surgical technique.

  • Surgery to remove an atheroma is the excision of cysts or laser cauterization.
  • Back straightening surgery consists of correction of the curved spine part and posterior fixation of the spine with an internal supporting metal structure.
  • A herniated disc is removed by decompression microdiscectomy or nucleoplasty.
  • Damaged vertebrae are repaired by cementoplasty or, if the destruction is severe, by bone grafting and installation of metal stabilizers.

It is impossible to cover here all the information about all the known medical back problems and treatment options. Thus, those are just a few spinal surgery procedures.

Minimally invasive techniques in spinal surgery

Many modern surgeries are endoscopic. The special thin manipulators with micro instruments and video cameras are inserted through punctures in the skin. The doctor perfectly sees everything during surgery, so the risk of damaging bone structures, nerve tissues or muscles is minimal. Minimally invasive surgery becomes the standard of excellence.

However, such an approach requires sophisticated modern equipment, which isn’t available at every medical institution. The surgeons at European clinics know how to perform endoscopic surgeries. Equipment at the best hospitals for spinal surgery allows working on all parts of the spine and solving all health problems.

Open surgeries are not the best choice for people with obesity, diabetes mellitus, and cardiovascular pathologies because they are connected with serious complications. Endoscopic surgeries are associated with minimum complications.

However, the main advantage of endoscopic surgery is minimal tissues traumatization. Surgeons reach an affected area through natural anatomical spaces between bone structures of the vertebral column.

The doctor does not disrupt the biomechanics of the spine, does not open the spinal canal, and does not remove a part of a vertebra in order to get to the site of nerve compression. All of this contributes to quicker postoperative rehabilitation.

Undergoing spinal surgery during a lockdown

Spinal surgery is one of the most complex fields of medicine. Therefore, you must be sure that you can receive high-quality services. And statistically, this is more probable in European medical centers.

Undergoing a spinal surgery abroad has faced obstacles at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. But many of those are canceled by now, allowing the full spectrum of spinal surgery procedures to be performed.

Booking Health cooperates with leading spinal surgery hospitals to help find the right one for you. On the contrary to organizing treatment yourself, with Booking Health you don’t have to wait, overpay, settle for no insurance and no commitment. The company will monitor your treatment from the day it starts until it ends and will stay in contact after that.

The best hospitals of any specialization match the specific criteria. The basic ones are advanced equipment of the latest generations, multi-staged diagnostics, comprehensive postoperative rehabilitation, the qualification of doctors, and certification of a medical facility.

You can find more information about the best spinal surgery hospitals on the Booking Health website. Feel free to fill in the request form for a patient case manager or a medical advisor to contact you.

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