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Top Tips for Hosting an Incredible Christmas Party

The festive season is here, and for many, that means there is no better excuse to throw a party! As people’s social calendars can get very busy around this time of year, deciding to host a Christmas party is a great way to get your loved ones together and see them before everyone goes off to visit their families for the holidays.

If you love to be the life of the party and want to wow your friends this Christmas season, here are some top tips on how to host an incredible festive party.

Your House, or Hire a Venue?

This will depend a lot on your budget and your preferences. Hiring a venue space will likely require you to put down a deposit, and it can be difficult to book a room as there will also be office Christmas parties and other events taking place at this time of year.

However, the benefits of using a venue are that it can make the event feel more special and you also don’t have to worry about cleaning up afterward! A venue can also prepare the food on-site for you, which means you’re not spending hours cooking food for your guests.


If you are planning to host your party at home, consider hiring a catering service to take this pressure away from you. Appetizers or a buffet spread might be the best choice, as this way your guests can mingle and help themselves to food when they’re hungry. You can also opt to hire a bar service to mix drinks and pour the wine so you can fully relax and enjoy your party, too.


Although everyone’s company will be special enough, it’s also a good idea to organize some entertainment for your guests. A fun festive quiz or other themed games could be a great way to add to the fun, but hiring an entertainer could make your party extra special.

Whether it’s live music, a magician, or a choir of carol singers, you will truly impress your guests with some live entertainment. You can find a range of brilliant performers for your party at

Secret Santa

Another lovely addition to your party could be getting your guest to get involved with Secret Santa. Everyone can bring their gifts to the party, and either place them under the tree or on a gift table on arrival. As each guest leaves, they can find their present to take home with them as an extra festive treat. You can send your guests the name of their gift recipient privately by picking it out of the hat yourself.


Finally, if you want to host the ultimate Christmas party, you need to make sure your home or venue looks the part. If you are renting a venue space, speak to them about what you can do in regards to the décor, as they might have some regulations about this.

Nonetheless, a Christmas tree, festive garlands, candy canes, gingerbread men ornaments, and other timeless Christmas decorative items are a must—and don’t forget the mistletoe!

If you want to host an incredible Christmas party for your loved ones this year, use these tips to help you create a party planning checklist.

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