How Far Should A Range Hood Be Installed Over Your Cooktop?

For most homeowners, the kitchen is one of the busiest spaces. It always has something cooking. With this, there is always a mess whenever someone enters the kitchen. There are many different ways people use their cooktops. For this reason, you cannot assume all kitchens will look the same.

So, what do you need to consider when it comes to kitchen design? Here are some tips to help you determine how far you should install a range hood over your cooktop.

Keep the Kitchen Well Ventilated

This first tip is pretty self-explanatory in that you want to keep your kitchen well ventilated. This ensures that not an unsafe environment for you or anyone else who might be there at any given time. Installing a range hood over the cooking area is essential. It prevents cooking vapors from rising into the kitchen and building up, leading to unhealthy fumes.

Keep Your Cooking Area Clutter-Free

Any cooking area should be kept clutter-free. Cleaning can often be significant pain. However, cleaning will be more straightforward if you keep things like the cooktop and range hoods organized. You usually want to install the range hood over your cook. Make sure that it looks good and makes good use of limited space. Suppose installing overhead over your cooktop. Most of the time, you want a wide variety of coverage for maximum effectiveness.

Understand Your Needs

There are many models of range hoods that offer only a couple of functions. You can use them for different applications around the home. It would help if you had a fully functional cooking area and all its accessories. Other times you want a bit more ventilation and perhaps an overhead light.

Suppose you want a simple model for ventilation. In that case, you can get one in your price range that is energy efficient and has excellent air circulation.

Make Sure to Take Measurements

Before you buy, make sure that you measure your cooktop and the area you want the overhead range hood. Most range hoods come with a booklet with all sorts of information and dimensions that you need to know. You can always send out a piece of paper with all the measurements. Ask one of the salespeople at the store to help you with this step. If you have a range, you should have a measuring tape. You can use it to measure the range hood height.

Stay Out of the Way of the Ductwork

You must make sure that you stay out of the way of the ductwork at all times. Most range hood installation instructions tell you not to put anything in front of the ductwork and point it upwards, down, or straight ahead. As a result, it can perform well in any direction.

However, you can often do this by simply adjusting your stovetop or countertop to a different height. If the unit is low on your cooktop, you can use a step stool to get the hood up high. However, you should only do this if the installation instructions say so.

If the unit is high up, you may have to get creative to get it up there. It is best to have an electrician come over and run the ductwork behind your cooktop. They will run it as close to your cooktop as possible without hitting anything and will be able to get it installed correctly.

When you are cooking with a range hood, distance is critical. A range hood is a small kitchen appliance that uses an exhaust fan to remove smoke, cooking odors, and grease particles from the range top. It creates an airflow that circulates outside your house while you cook. To select the proper size of range hood for your kitchen, the distance from the range hood to the stove and the stove to the wall are two crucial factors.

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