how to manifest for beginners

How To Manifest For Beginners

What is it called when you think about something and it happens?

In psychology, they call it the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon. It might have happened to you before, too. You think about something and suddenly you start seeing it more frequently everywhere you turn.

It’s not your brain playing a trick on you. And while there’s a clear difference, this is also a bit similar to the law of attraction.

Leveraging your beliefs and thoughts, you can attract something tangible into your life. Think your dream job, promotions, financial success, or even a soulmate?

If you can think of it, you can get it. But wait…

This is not just some magnetic wishful thinking, however.

If you’re seriously considering how manifestation and the law of attraction can work for you, where you are, the tips below will help you get started on the right path.

1. Clarify and specify exactly what you want

Whether you’re trying to manifest someone, a new car or a new crib, the first step is always to specifically define what you want.

Now, this is me trying to tell you to avoid saying vague things like I want money or I want a perfect husband. The universe can help you get what you want but that process can only begin when you also know exactly what you want. Get specific and clarify what exactly you need. Rather than saying I want money, take it further by specifying exactly how much you want.

2. Visualize and write out your goals (what you want)

Once you have defined your specific needs, you might want to write them out.

You’re asking why? Well, not only does this help with narrowing your focus and goals clarity but being able to describe your needs and specific goals vividly, in written form can help with visualizing these needs and goals.

And as it turns out, visualization is a key aspect of manifestation. And if you’re still asking what else again, well, there’s strong scientific evidence that writing down your goals increases the chances of success by up to 40%, according to Forbes.

3. Let your thoughts coordinate your actions

Deepak Chopra, the foremost alternative medicine advocate would say, manifestation is more than just closing your eyes and thinking about something.

Gabrielle Bernstein, author of the Super Attractor, also aptly described manifestation as a “co-creating” process that involves a collaboration between you and the universe.

Specify the goals and needs you want to manifest.

Visualize these goals. Again, visualize the steps and actions you’ll need to achieve these goals, and then integrate these action items into your routine.

If your goal is to make a major change in your career, start networking and other relevant things. If you’re looking to meet a successful and loving partner, for example, visualize what actions you might need to take and begin to work on these.

4. Practice gratitude

Chances are you might not get everything you manifest in the order or timeframe you’d like.

However, showing gratitude for that which you are already receiving no matter how small or big can help get your emotions flowing positively, another thing you want when you’re trying to attract positivity to your life.

Start with integrating a daily gratitude journal into your routine and think about all of those little things of life, many of which you’ve probably been taking for granted up until now.

Along with this being a big deal for manifesting, a UC Berkeley research led by psychologist Robert has also shown that gratitude can help you block stress, toxicity, and negative emotions while keeping you happier, more optimistic, alert, alive, outgoing and joyous.

Healthwise, it also promotes a stronger immune system while reducing blood pressure. Luckily, there is always a lot to be grateful for, even the small things like being able to eat, sleep, watch a new TV show; you know, all those things.

5. Practice meditation

You need meditation in a similar way to how you need to practice gratitude.

Regular meditation and practice of gratitude will easily help you bypass all the barriers and resistance that might want to interfere with the manifestation process.

You can benefit greatly from the peace, calm, emotional balance, and well-being that meditation easily brings. This is important because manifestation can only thrive in an environment devoid of negativities and the other things that could be limiting the positive energies and beliefs inside you.

6. Have faith in the universe… and yourself too

Manifestation requires your thoughts, actions, and beliefs to be in sync. So, along with taking all of the necessary steps towards achieving your goals, you also have to trust the universe to help.

Faith is a powerful force for manifestation.

When your faith in yourself and the “powers that be” are strong enough, you’ll be more motivated towards the goals you’ve set and want to manifest for yourself.

This is me saying you need a strong belief in your own actions and visions.

Again, this is me telling you to approach your days and goals without feeling that the world is out to get you. In truth, however, the universe has got your back. You just have to trust it.

Every one of us is entitled to success, in our own unique ways – and the universe is always there to help!

Life often throws some dirt and mud and filth at us to the point where the diamond within us becomes hidden like it never really existed. At times like this, we just need to wipe the mud and dirt and filth off and ask the universe for help. Fortunately, the universe wants us all to be happy.

Get specific with your goals. Visualize these things and get them in writing.

Leverage meditation and gratitude to stay positive. Ensure to follow the other proactive steps included here to manifest what you need out of life, it’s only a matter of time before your dream turns into a reality. Remember, however, that manifestation is not a one-off thing. It’s supposed to be a continuous process for continuous success and improvement.

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