impact of streaming tv on esports

Impact of streaming TV on the evolution of eSports

The world is changing at an unrealistically accelerated pace, with gadgets condensing many aspects of the human life within their sleek and smart bodies. The world of entertainment and creation is no different when it comes to the swift rise and fall of trends.

There once was a time when families used to sit together and patiently wait over the course of months and recurring ads to live stream favorite leagues and championships, on a personal level, along with their favorite gamer personalities.

The technology that underpins the expanding world of competitive gaming is live online video-casting; therefore, streaming platforms like Eurosport provides fast and easy access for the viewers and streamers alike, attracting thousands of unique viewers on smart devices. Currently, Eurosport draws 67 million viewers globally with 30% rise in unique monthly visitors. But the question arises what has caused the streaming industry to grow so rapidly?

Post-Pandemic Growth

It is no secret how in isolation, we opt for the company of our closest friends, electronic and social media. Correspondingly, when a hazardous pandemic took the world by storm and restricted people within the four walls of their homes, not only was there a surge of increased use of social media was seen, streaming services noticed an all-time high in their statistics as well.

From mobile phones to smart TVs, people started hoping online, onto multiple interactive platforms they could find. Hence, an immense need to produce quality content for these quarantines was felt. Movie and TV show streaming services and the sports and gaming industry upped their game for content production.

With hundreds and millions of sports fans and gaming devotees, the eSports industry has all the support it needs to flourish in recent times, adding newer and more engaging elements with each update. Even post-pandemic, the value of the eSports and streaming industry is expected to increase to US $7.2 billion in ten years’ time.

From cheaper and more technologically inclined games for Gen Zers and a touch of nostalgia for millennials with the revival of some classics, the eSports and gaming market keeps increasing by hitting just the right spots for its target audience. Streaming services benefit from this expansion in the market by offering affordable subscriptions for eSports streaming on TVs.

Stream Your Gaming Trends

One of the greatest milestones achieved in the industry of technology is the creation of Metaverse, and Metaverse-based projects to engage individuals in all sorts of activities online. Of course, this involves leisure activities like gaming as well.

While gaming was previously seen as a pastime, a rapid increase in advancements within the domain has resulted in people earning from it as well. From eSports leagues to professional championships, gaming has become much more serious for the stakeholders than ever before.

With the consistent support of streaming services, not only can physical sports be streamed on your TV, but gaming leagues and championships as well. This raises the stakes for gamers even higher, with their supporters watching as they operate and battle online from the safety of their homes or gaming spaces.

Trends in the gaming industry including unbelievably realistic graphics, virtual reality, cloudgaming, social gaming, and the greater presence of spectators than that of gamers themselves, keep adding to the numbers, encouraging brands to introduce gaming elements to their apps and websites, such as that seen on Netflix and Snapchat.

Future of eSports Streaming

With co-streaming gaining popularity among organizations, players, and viewers, something that is of easy access on platforms like Twitch and YouTube, the future of eSports seem brighter than ever. Take a sizeable viewership that is interested in streaming eSports, and players of all ages keen on participating in solo gaming and championships, you’ve got a recipe for success.

As the line between physically played sports and eSports grows obscure by the day, streaming services are taking these blurred lines as the opportunity to increase their viewership by providing a platform for gamers and other stakeholders to stream their games, find an engaging hobby, and ever earn a livelihood by participating.

Other tendencies within the rapidly expanding eSports industry are investment and sponsorship opportunities for respective companies to make. Moreover, the introduction of digital payments and payments made via cryptocurrency is also a probability that can be seen occurring, resulting in mutual benefits for the investment, finance, and eSports industry.


Perhaps as we see the lines between physical and motor, and digital aspects of our lives get blurrier, such as with post-pandemic advancements like Metaverse, a technological revolution is just around the corner. As long as it brings a healthy impact on the human lifestyle, this revolution can be taken as an opportunity to grow as a race and engage on greater levels, globally.

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