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Indoor vs Outdoor Cannabis: Which Is Better?

People have consumed cannabis for thousands of years, both medically and recreationally. Therefore, indoor cannabis cultivation was not a common practice among cannabis growers until relatively recently. Still, the debate over whether to grow cannabis indoors or outdoors is as old as the plant itself.

In light of the legal status of cannabis, it is hard to prove exactly when the first indoor cannabis gardens were established, but it seems safe to assume that they grew indoors due to fear of prosecution by law enforcement.

Growing cannabis indoors became commonplace in the latter part of the 20th century, and due to various factors, consumers perceived plants grown indoors as being more desirable than plants grown outdoors.

In comparison to cannabis grown indoors, is sun-grown cannabis really inferior? Many consumers and growers share this opinion. The decision of which route to take to grow cannabis can be a challenge for aspiring cultivators. Let’s take a closer look at what factors to consider.

Benefits of Outdoor Cannabis Growth

Growing outdoors is favored by regulations

Many parts of the United States and around the world are experiencing rapid growth in the legal cannabis industry. Cannabis remains prohibited in several jurisdictions, but the prohibition walls are starting to crumble as more and more states and countries come out on the right side of history, creating opportunities for cannabis cultivators of all sizes.

Although the rules and regulations for the cannabis industry are still evolving, one principle seems to have been set in stone – laws favor outdoor cannabis growing more than indoor. The size of the canopy is the most obvious example. Larger canopy size is allowed for sun-grown gardens in virtually every legal market than for indoor gardens.

If you would like quality outdoor pot seeds, Herbies shop has a collection of outdoor marijuana seeds that are particularly suitable for growing outdoors.

Cannabis cultivators with larger canopy sizes can possibly produce larger crops, resulting in more profits during the growing season. Profits do not automatically increase with larger harvests, of course. It is the quality of the harvest that determines the value of a given amount of cannabis, so a large harvest of low-quality cannabis may not be as valuable as a smaller harvest of significantly higher-quality cannabis.

Cultivators aiming for high-quality cannabis must recognize that achieving such standards demands a substantial investment of time, effort, and financial resources. In addition to a larger canopy size, maintaining top-tier quality necessitates a well-equipped garden and meticulous care for the plants.

This entails procuring various cannabis garden care supplies, such as precision insect control products to safeguard against potential infestations, an efficient irrigation system, or even the seemingly small details, like plant holders designed to provide proper support, which can have a significant impact on the overall health and yield of the plants.

Thus, the link between the size of the cultivation canopy and the ultimate profitability of the harvest is intricately tied to the cultivation practices, resources invested, and the commitment to maintaining a garden conducive to producing high-quality cannabis.

That said, if both the quality and the canopy are equal, the larger canopy, which is clearly desired by aspiring for-profit cultivators, will also provide a higher profit margin.

Producing cannabis outdoors costs less than indoors

The initial cost of growing cannabis indoors is high, as are the ongoing operating costs. The cultivation facility is the first in line. In most areas, renting or buying a warehouse is significantly more expensive than renting or buying a field.

Lastly, electricity is a major expense. It takes a lot of energy for plants to get through the flowering stage, and even a modest indoor cannabis garden consumes a lot of power. Indoor cultivation equipment such as lights, fans, pumps, humidifiers and dehumidifiers will not run themselves. In fact, they require a great deal of electricity to function. When people receive their first energy bill, they will be surprised by the amount.

It’s like comparing a greenhouse to an outdoor cannabis garden, which is grown under the sun and does not require electricity. Some sun-grown gardens located in fertile areas require little to no nutrients, while others do not require any. Growing marijuana outdoors also involves far fewer soil-related costs.

Jamaica is a great example, where some of the best cannabis on the planet is grown simply with sun, rain, and soil. Even though this is admittedly a rare example, it illustrates how nature can produce quality cannabis at a very low cost.

Benefits of Indoor Cannabis Growth

The right conditions exist for growing quality cannabis outdoors if all the correct factors are present. Cannabis grown outdoors can produce just as good terpene profiles as cannabis grown indoors. An outdoor harvest of cannabis grown properly is virtually indistinguishable from a properly grown indoor harvest.

Although indoor growth requires more resources and effort than outdoor growth, the results are well worth it. However, there are a few benefits of growing cannabis indoors.

Weed of excellent quality

Growing marijuana indoors allows you to control every aspect of the plant’s growth, so you can create marijuana of the highest quality. Your choice of seeds is also important. Herbies offers the best indoor seeds. These indoor marijuana seeds do not grow too tall as indoor spaces often have a height limit.


Indoor cannabis cultivation provides the advantage that it is not affected by the weather or seasons. Cannabis can be grown indoors in almost any strain, including hybrid strains, regardless of its growth requirements, and it is a fun and easy process.

Harvests on multiple occasions

At any point in its development, cannabis can be grown indoors. The amount of light your plants receive can influence when they bloom and when they are ready for harvest. With different levels of light, multiple harvests can be achieved.

Protection of privacy and security

Despite the legalization of cannabis in several US states, you may want to keep your cannabis plants behind locked doors to keep them safe from judgemental neighbors or thieves.


As with any product, the quality is determined by the one who grows it. Well-grown cannabis plants, whether they are grown indoors or outdoors, will yield excellent results, but poorly-grown cannabis plants will not. All that’s left is to choose what seeds of marijuana you would like to plant: outdoor seeds or indoor seeds. Herbies shop has a wide collection of indoor and outdoor marijuana seeds.

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