innovative advancements in food technology

5 Innovative Advancements In Food Technology

Food science is an innovative industry dedicated to finding sustainable ways to create, grow and harvest food. Supporting companies that are dedicated to sustainability is important for creating a healthy diet that conserves resources and minimizes your impact on the environment. Here are five recent advancements in food technology that can help you live a sustainable lifestyle.

1. Cultured Meat

The invention of cultured meat from companies such as Aleph Farms is a huge innovation for people who do not eat meat because it traditionally comes from animals. By choosing to consume lab-grown meat, you get the same benefits and nutrition of the food but do not have to worry about your effect on animals or the environment because it is a more sustainable option.

2. Computerized Systems

With more people in the world, the demand for food is skyrocketing. Many food factories have trouble keeping up with demand while maintaining quality, but new advancements in computerized technology make it easier for food companies to package food on a faster timeline.

These systems do not compromise the quality of the food you eat but they make it easier and faster for food companies to produce sustenance. They also improve safety in many factories because they take over the dangerous jobs of humans using potentially hazardous tools.

3. Plastic-Free Packaging

Because it is cost-efficient and convenient, plastic has been the main material for food packaging for many decades. The recent focus on the climate crisis has caused many consumers to be considerate of the type of packaging they used. Many food consumers have switched to using biodegradable packaging made of consumable materials such as seaweed. These types of packaging have the same effect on keeping food fresh but have a lower impact on the environment.

4. Forward Osmosis

One common problem in the food industry is extending the validity of beverages to keep them from expiring during the transport from the factory to the consumer. Some beverages expire quickly after purchase, resulting in less popularity because they are not as sustainable as other options.

Through the discovery of forward osmosis, a biological process that affects the membrane in food cells and keeps them from expiring quickly, food lasts much longer on the shelf, so people have a better chance of purchasing it long before it expires.

5. Functional Beverages

Eating a varied diet is important for getting all of the nutrients you need to live a healthy life. However, it can be hard to get enough of certain nutrients if you are restricted from food groups for health reasons or don’t eat enough to get the recommended daily value of nutrition from your food.

Beverages can often fill in this gap. Functional drinks such as kombucha have become popular, and similar beverages that are enriched with omega-3s, probiotics and other vitamins can help fill in gaps in your nutrition.

New advancements in food technology make it easier than ever before to be mindful of where your food comes from. Knowing about these five innovations allows you to live more sustainably.

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