instagram affects mental health

Beyond the Filter: How Instagram Affects Mental Health

With 2 billion users Instagram is a popular picture-sharing platform, but at the same time, there are some serious concerns surrounding the use of Instagram and getting influenced by it. Many people also hire IG growth service to have a strong presence on Instagram, but there have been several whistle-blowers against the darker side of Instagram.

One of the rising concerns is how Instagram can impact the mental health of a person?  While many of us do not realize, the fact is that platforms like Instagram, if not used wisely, can have some negative impact too on one’s mental health.

Instagram filters: Are these the filters of life as well?

If you are an Insta user, you must have surely tried its filters to enhance the way you look. People love trying out new looks as it’s fun, but what makes things difficult is when it starts impacting your life. 

Billions of photos are posted on social media every day. On Insta, over 1K of pictures are posted every second. One key thing that you will notice is that most users use filters while posting their pictures, reels or stories. While this may be a good idea to get an attractive look, users might get influenced by it in a negative way.

As per Wall Street Journal’s report,  about 32% of teen girls admitted that they felt bad about their body and Instagram made them feel sadder. So what we are talking about is the real-life impact of such platforms.  

Generation Z is living a virtual life, and they rely on platforms like Instagram to share their moments of happiness, sorrow, joy, or any achievement. Beauty allures everyone. With filters, people try to cover up their blemishes or scars and beautify other features too, like lips and nose.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult for people to remain aware of the difference between real and “reel” life. They get so influenced that they want to imitate the same in their life too and failing to do so impacts them negatively. When they look at their real self, it makes them feel inferior, leading to depression and poor mental health. 

The situation is alarming because the number of Instagram users is growing, and with the growing influence and impact of beauty filters, we may have a generation that would hesitate to reveal their real faces.

Concluding thoughts

It has been seen that beauty filters may be fun, but in the long run, they may induce insecurities and a feeling of low self-esteem. Comparing pictures with others and feeling jealous are some common side-effects or impacts of using Instagram. At the same time, staying away from such platforms is not the solution.

The solution lies in developing an understanding and spreading the awareness that beauty lies within us and is in our actions. Physical beauty does not last and should not matter. Importance must be given to one’s conduct.  Hence, one must use social media with wisdom and common sense. 

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