Why Is An IPTV Platform A Must-Have For ISPs?

Suppose you are an Internet Service Provider. You simply offer internet services to your users. But do you know that you can broaden your services and offer your viewers IPTV services along with internet connectivity?

People usually prefer to acquire bundles, such as Internet, television, and mobile services combined. Offering more services can help you attract more customers and boost your revenue. That’s why the IPTV solution for ISP can be a turning point in business management. Let’s give a closer look at that.

Why is an IPTV platform a must-have for ISPs?

The thing we want to mention first is that the cord-cutting tendency is still going on. People stop using traditional cable and satellite television and turn to internet-based television.

Online video streaming can offer many IPTV business opportunities. That’s why more companies launch their platforms and monetize video content.

The video streaming industry is thriving. And experts predict the growth of video streaming service users and content creators launching them.

You can create your content or deliver television videos to viewers.

Besides providing people with internet connectivity, you can offer them television services. As it is a bundle, they will likely obtain your offering.

You can create your content like Netflix and similar video streaming services do. Or you can partner with other content creators and stream their content to your viewers. Both options are good.

People appreciate internet-based television because it gives viewers more flexibility and convenience.

For example:

• IPTV video streaming services can offer on-demand video content. It means that videos are stored on servers and can be accessed by viewers at any time they want. Consumers will always have something to watch when there is a VOD (video-on-demand) functionality.

• IPTV services offer such features as rewinding and catch-up. These are great features for those viewers who haven’t managed to be on time as they will be able to watch the program they missed. The catch-up feature makes it possible to watch later programs that have already been streamed today or recently. As a result, a person doesn’t need to rush home after work or somehow adapt their day to watch a video they like.

• IPTV services can operate on multiple platforms compatible with the Internet. It includes smartphones, Smart TVs, laptops, and tablets. Consequently, people can choose what device to use to view videos. Some people prefer big Smart TV screens, and some think that a smartphone is enough. Everybody gets to select what they want.

You can monetize the content you offer.

IPTV solutions have many features for monetization embedded. You can generate revenue through advertising, subscriptions, and pay-per-view. In the case of advertising, viewers don’t need to pay for videos. They usually can watch them for free. However, you earn revenue by allowing other companies to advertise on your platform.

Subscriptions are easy. People purchase a monthly or yearly subscription to watch your content. The pay-per-view model means that they need to pay for every single video.

Recently, hybrid monetization has become popular. Companies combine several models. For example, they sell a subscription, but there are premium videos that require an additional fee.

Moreover, there are CDNs along with monetization models. They can help you reach more people around the world and ensure they get a smooth viewing experience. Consequently, your revenue can grow.

Final Thoughts

Video streaming service is a great opportunity for ISPs. It can be an additional revenue source for them.

If you want to create your video streaming service, we recommend contacting Setplex. The company can offer an IPTV solution to achieve your goals.

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