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Is Discovery Plus Worth Subscribing in France: Let’s Find Out!

Are you bored of watching the same old TV shows and movies in France? If you are looking to enjoy quality content with a wide variety of options, we have got you covered. Well known streaming services like Disney+, Netflix, Hulu and the likes are constantly growing their content catalogues. It’s wonderful to have options, but sometimes it feels like streaming networks are just rehashing what already exists.

Discovery+ emerged as a strong competitor in the streaming arena, making its debut in January 2021. Discovery+ has experienced substantial growth in popularity due to the wide variety of content it offers, from TV shows, movies to documentaries and live events.

Unfortunately, Discovery+ is currently not available in France. But worry not, French users can watch Discovery Plus in France by using a VPN, which allows them to bypass geographic restrictions and enjoy the diverse programming offered by the platform, including shows like House Hunters, 90 Day Fiancé, Shark Week and other exclusive content.

Both Surfshark and NordVPN are reliable choices for French users seeking to access Discovery Plus in France, as they offer a wide range of server locations and strong encryption to ensure a seamless and secure streaming experience.

What Services Does Discovery+ Provide?

Discovery+ has a wide selection of channels, which results in a huge content library. This expansive lineup encompasses highly sought-after networks like HGTV, Food Network, TLC, The History Channel, Lifetime, Animal Planet, and the Discovery Channel, among other highly regarded networks.

Discovery+ also offers non-cable channels including The Dodo and the Magnolia Network. The Discovery+ website mentions the possibility of adding more channels in the future; therefore, this list is not all-inclusive.

Discovery+ is renowned for its large collection of documentaries and specials on a range of topics, including exploration, science, history, and true crime as well as reality TV.

Discovery+ also offers an additional perk in the shape of Discovery+ Originals. These unique shows feature the fascinating people and settings that have won viewers over to Discovery networks. Only those who sign up for the new streaming service get access to this exclusive material.

How Much Does Discovery+ Cost in France?

Discovery+ provides two subscription plans, providing users with full access to its large content library. You can either choose their “ad-lite” package for €4.64 ($4.99) per month, which enables you to enjoy your favourite shows with occasional commercial interruptions in France.

However, you can choose to upgrade to a commercial-free experience on Discovery+ for an extra €1.86 ($2) per month. This aligns with many other streaming companies’ pricing structures, which are frequently less than €10 per month in France.

The most priced Discovery+ option would cost just under €78 over the course of a year, which is considerably less than the average cable provider’s monthly rate. Given Discovery+ unique position in the market for streaming platforms, it is anticipated that having access to one’s favorite shows anytime, anywhere through this service; will empower numerous households who have been hesitant to cancel their cable connections in France.

How does Discovery Plus measure up against other streaming platforms in France?

In terms of content variety, Discovery+ ranks in the centre of the pack. It offers a large range of adored shows and focuses on content particular to distinct set of channels, hitting all specific sets of genres; proving it doesn’t lack options.

Discovery+ offers more choice than streaming services like Netflix, Peacock, and others. These channels cater to diverse demographics and interest groups, ensuring a broader array of content.

While original content is something that all streaming services are adopting, Discovery+ has a distinct advantage in this area. Its original programming leverages the popularity of the familiar faces and concepts from traditional Discovery shows.

In fact, some Discovery+ exclusive shows are progressions of previously aired content on TV, making it simpler for fan bases to engage with them. Instead of having to grow to love wholly new material, Discovery+ users can rely on the platform to deliver a blend of familiarity and freshness.

The fact that Discovery+ is unique from other streaming services in terms of content ownership is one of its main advantages. Discovery, Inc. owns all of the content accessible on Discovery+, in contrast to platforms that compile content from numerous sources. Subscribers won’t need to worry about their favourite shows disappearing unexpectedly because of this ownership.

Furthermore, unlike some other platforms, Discovery+ is less likely to raise costs annually because it doesn’t rely on licensing fees for hosting its own content. Direct ownership of the content offers stability and can give subscribers more predictable pricing.

Is Subscribing to Discovery+ Worth the Money in France?

Discovery+ distinguishes itself from other streaming services by offering a curated selection of channels dedicated to particular genres. There is something for the entire family to enjoy, thanks to the wide variety of material from Discovery’s channels.

If you are a fan of HGTV’s captivating lineup or TLC’s engaging reality TV, chances are you’ll be drawn to subscribing, even if you hadn’t officially planned to. The convenience of having many seasons of your favourite shows readily available without any limit is what appeals to users.

A devoted fan base of 90 Day Fiancé has been attracted by the wide variety of exclusive 90 Day Fiancé programming that Discovery+ offers. The franchise, which began with a programme about Americans navigating the K-1 Visa process, has grown to include a number of spinoffs, including Happily Ever After, Before the 90 Days, and 90 Day the Other Way.

The lifestyles of the couples featured on the series attract a lot of fan interest. Fans of the franchise get access to more than 200 hours of exclusive, never-before-seen 90 Day Fiancé content on Discovery+, which is a big and highly tempting offering.

The Fixer Upper hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines are extending their audience with the aid of Discovery+. In addition to their popular HGTV show, they have launched Magnolia Network, a network that is only available for streaming on Discovery+. This action will probably bring their devoted fan base to the platform.

The Bottom Line

Discovery+ has emerged as the must-have streaming platform thanks to its wide variety of content, which includes magnificent homes, fearless truck drivers on treacherous routes, engaging love tales, and exciting shark encounters. It has become the essential streaming platform to have. A VPN is essential to access Discovery Plus in France, not only will it let you stream Discovery Plus but it will also mask your IP address.

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