The 7 Best James Bond Movie Villains

James Bond has hit and exploded a lot of bad characters over the span of 6 decades, 26 films, and 6 different performers in the principal role. 

Bond is, apparently, nothing without a tremendous danger to pit himself against, which makes frequently scary villains an important component of the series’ success. However, not all villains are made equal (ask Dominic Greene from Quantum of Solace). 

Over the course of nearly 60 years, Bond has faced up against everyone from drug traffickers attempting to establish a heroin monopoly to billionaires attempting to steal nuclear bombs to one person who simply loves money. 

No doubt, 007 James Bond has such a large fan base and has become one of Hollywood’s most renowned series. There are 27 James Bond movies in order; however, these are the 7 best movies of James Bond as under:

1. Dr. Kananga And Mr. Big In Live And Let Die (1973)

There’s a lot in Live and Let Die that hasn’t stood the test of time. The Bond franchise’s effort to profit from the Blaxploitation era of the 1970s, with a mostly white character at its center, is riddled with. 

Let’s just call them Choices. But one thing that stands out is Yaphet Kotto’s performance as the wicked Dr Kananga.

He is the quick and systematic leader of a fictitious Caribbean nation who devises a scheme to control the world heroin supply, in part by imitating an American drug dealer named Mr Big. 

Kotto’s screen presence is so captivating that he practically steals the film from first-time Bond Roger Moore, and he makes even the most sentimental lines land with sincerity.

2. Max Zorin In A View To A Kill (1985)

Christopher Walken appears to be one of those performers who was always intended to play a Bond villain.

Despite appearing in what many believe to be Roger Moore’s worst picture, Walken squeezed each and every drop of wicked pleasure out of his bad character. 

Walken waltzed into the Bond series as tech magnate Max Zorin, a type of quirky modern nobleman combined with a weapons-grade psychopath, someone much more worried by his own reputation than any possible complaints.

3. Elektra King In The World Is Not Enough (1999)

Elektra King is the of the most disturbing and devastating scenes in Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond career. Sophie Marceau’s controlled insanity helped her role work in a picture that often didn’t. 

Her villainy drives 007 into a fight with the greatest personal consequences, requiring him to assassinate M (Judi Dench) in cold blood. The last interaction between King and 007 — “You’d miss me”/”I never miss” — is crucial to the emotional effect of the film.

4. Emilio Largo In Thunderball (1965)

The competitor in many Bond films is portrayed as a physically ugly monster indifferent to Bond’s dashing appearance, providing visual contrast as well as different objectives. 

Despite the eye patch, Adolfo Celi’s Largo played every bit the dashing playboy that James is, with an added layer of ruthless disdain. 

He’s sophisticated, slick, and, until Bond starts picking his scheme apart, he’s even a touch dashing, which works extremely well inside Thunderball’s globe-hopping narrative.

5. Hugo Drax In Moonraker (1979)

In the 1970s, Bond faced two villains whose purpose was effective “murder everybody so I can repopulate the globe through my unique millionaire empire,” and with all due credit to Curt Jurgens’ performance in The Spy Who Loves Me, Michael Lonsdale as Wolfgang Drax had the advantage between those two flicks. 

Drax aims to develop a race of genetic superhumans on top of his specially created space station, which he would also use to rain down nerve gas on Earth, murdering the lesser people below, in one of the most outrageous Bond schemes ever devised. 

6. Ernst Stavro Blofeld (1961)

Blofeld is the only Criminal mastermind on our list to appear in numerous films, and he is the classic Supervillain in part due, like Bond, he never truly disappears. 

He appeared in the first four Bond films as the enigmatic leader of Ghost, Number One, before Donald Pleasence gave them a face for the first time then You Only Live Twice. 

7. Francisco Scaramanga In The Man With The Golden Gun (1974)

Lee is Bond’s dark side in The Man with the Golden Gun, just as lethal but for very various reasons, and his verbal battle with Roger Moore lifts the film above its somewhat complex concept.

He is wonderfully, utterly involved in his job, just as he was with Dracula, and it creates a performance that is continually rewatchable.


There are 27 James Bond movies in order that we’re ranking today. James Bond has such a large fan base and has become one of Hollywood’s most renowned series. 

Over the course of nearly 60 years, Bond has faced up against everyone from drug traffickers attempting to establish a drug monopoly to billionaires attempting to steal nuclear bombs.

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