jazzing up outfit with gemstones

Jazzing Up Your Outfit with Gemstones

If you’re big on jewelry and you are updated on the latest designs by Cartier, Monica Vinader, or Bvlgari, then you know that one of the hottest trends to have taken over the industry fis that of colored gemstones.

In the same way that colored diamonds are all the rage (think pink, canary yellow, or blue stones), gemstones — which are usually more affordable despite their undeniable appeal — are also making it to the cover of Vogue and high-end private collections. Red, green, blue, and green stones are ideal for fashionistas who love to make a statement and express their mood through color. If you think that gemstones could add a touch of sparkle to your look, the following styling tips may inspire you.

Layering Classical and Bohemian Styles

If you’re into fashion bloggers and influencers like Simi & Haze or Chiara Ferragni, then you know that they are geniuses are turning classical styles on their head and jewelry is no exception to the rule. In the past, Big Three (sapphire, emerald, and ruby) jewelry was usually worn on its own, with one or two pieces at the most (in the same color) commanding attention alongside delicate diamond details.

Today, it’s all about a more personalized styling of sapphires and other gems. Chiara Ferragni loves layering boho-chic beads with her favorite emerald and tennis diamond choker while sisters Simi & Haze are into layering fine and fancy jewelry in a big way. Gemstones are traditionally worn alongside complementary stones and metals (pink sapphires, for instance, looking great with a rose gold chain). However, influencers are also mixing up metals and stones of all colors for a devil-may-care, casual feel that add sartorial flair to everyday outfits.

Beyond Skin

Gemstones also make an ideal addition to accessories such as wallets, hats, and bags. If you have a beautiful gemstone brooch, attach it to a silk scarf wrapped around a luxury bag. Colorful brooches can also be used to add an elegant touch to a simple black suit or to create the perfect touch of bling in your hair (think a French twist). Some designs (such as clip-on earrings and ear climbers) can be clipped or pinned onto practically any accessory you wish to wear to a gala event.

Uneven Designs

Whether you are dressing up to go to work or you have an elegant dinner to attend, consider thinking out of the box and standing out with asymmetrical gemstone designs. Designers ranging from Suárez to Alexander McQueen are designed asymmetrical earrings made with precious and semi-precious stones (think a simple emerald and diamond detail stud, paired with a statement emerald diamond creeper or hanging design).

In the same way that layering has made fine jewelry more of an everyday item, asymmetric designs seek to celebrate individuality and personality. Many houses are selling individual fine earrings so that clients can mix and match as they choose without having to commit to matching sets.

Gemstones are one of the hottest trends in fine and wedding jewelry. If you love the effect that color has on your mood, there are so many gems that can tempt you — including yellow diamonds, pink sapphires, and green tourmalines. To ace your look, play around with layering, dress up more than your skin, and consider asymmetrical designs for a more arty, innovative look that will undoubtedly start trends within your social circle.

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