Jewelry Staples to Invest in to Build a Capsule Wedding Wardrobe

Jewelry has always been a pinnacle of luxury-style statements. And for the right reasons. They fill you with desire every time you take a look at them. But the idea of investing in jewelry pieces to build a capsule wardrobe isn’t new. We do it all the time with our outfits and other accessories. 

Given the current world order, it is imperative that we need to have some jewelry pieces that hold great value. The slim collection has essential jewelry items that don’t compromise your style and glamour quotient. This jewelry will keep your wardrobe organized and will help you develop your signature style statement.

Here are five such jewelry pieces that you should consider for your capsule wardrobe, worthy as investment options. These classic jewelry pieces have proven their worth and have an incredible return value. Have a look.

1. Signet Ring

Very few people on this planet can appreciate the power of a statement jewelry piece of jewelry, such as a signet ring. In a gold-dipped finishing, personalized jewelry can quickly round up your entire wardrobe collection and give you a refined look.

Choosing a bold signet ring with enabled jewels such as rubies or sapphires, peridots can echo a burst of energy and style into your outfit. Women can select a larger-than-life size from the ring to skip the rest of the accessory pieces. It’s the only piece of jewelry required if you’re in the mood for power-dressing.

2. Stud Earrings

Women who want to escape the daily routine of scrambling through jewelry pieces to find the right option can go with a perfect pair of stud earrings. They’re versatile, sophisticated, and look refined, and pair ideally next to a heavier piece of necklace.

In case you’re looking for a non-traditional option, then studs encrusted with colorful crystals and stones are the perfect pick for the summer seasons as well. They add a hint of color to your outfits and provide an inner radiance to your face. The Tanzanite earrings studs, in a deep oceanic color, a dual stud style, or diamond accents, will look quite exquisite.

3. Pendant Necklace

In 2021, pendants have become more colorful, personal, and meaningful to women than more expensive, even opaque counterparts. Women are over the faux pas of carrying chunky necklaces and welcoming necklaces with sleeker chains and dainty charms, with the perfect blend of class and elegance. Women can also pair their necklaces with pendants made from natural stones with healing properties.

When added to one’s daily routine, these jewels can aid a person mentally, physically, and spiritually. Shungite, a black, carbon-rich mineraloid, is known to protect the wearer from electromagnetic fields. It also possesses anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which can assist a person in leading healthier lives. Shungite jewelry is also perfect for carrying any daytime outfit into a nighttime routine – all you have to do is pair the necklace with a pair of gold hoops or a chunky chain link bracelet.

4. Metallic Hoops

While collecting quintessential jewelry pieces, one mustn’t forget the metallic hoops, which are a must for every fashionista’s jewelry box. Hoop earrings can give an instant lift to any face shape, polish off an outfit, regardless of the size, accent, metal, or setting.

Hoops have dominated the fashion industry for quite some time while providing a classic yet diverse style. They’re a versatile piece of jewelry that can carry your wardrobe and allow you to play and layer around with other pieces of jewelry. If you’re looking for a more contemporary vibe, then we suggest a pair of mixed metal hoops with cooler and warmer tones to complete the outfit.

5. Gemstone Necklace

There is enough mania around diamond necklaces; however, gemstones have embraced the most iconic fashion trends to celebrate exquisite style and timelessness in recent times. By blending different metals with vibrant stones, the jewelry piece becomes something more monumental and memorable.

A gemstone necklace with bolts of blue, red, green, and pink can instantly grab the attention of the onlookers and add enough character to your elegant outfits. Trade the diamond string for something more non-traditional and breathtaking – such as a jewelry set enabled with Emerald or Rubies and set in white gold or platinum.

To make a strong statement, team your gemstone necklace with the most gorgeous silhouettes in colorful combinations. Otherwise, you can go for lighter color combinations to add a pop of color to your ensemble. 

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