keep brain and body active

How to Keep Your Brain and Body Active

Whatever stage you’re at on your healthy body journey, remembering to include your mind, as well as your body, is a reminder that we all could use from time to time. It’s all very well having washboard abs, but if your mind is in a bad place, you won’t be able to enjoy them. The same is true the other way around, of course, if you learn new skills but don’t take the time to look after yourself, then your physical health will eventually fail you.

Here are some tips on keeping the brain and body balanced, ensuring you lead a full and well-rounded life.

Scrap the Goals

Working towards a goal weight is something many of us are familiar with, and whilst achieving that goal is impressive, there are more important things in life. Instead of always striving for a number as a target, we should strive to live a healthier life.

Next time you catch yourself trying to drop ‘just a few pounds’, stop and set a goal that’s related to your strength and wellbeing. Aim to lift heavier weights, or run a little further. Your body is an incredible machine and learning to celebrate all of the things that it can do, rather than just what it looks like, is a sure way to a more positive relationship with it.

Be Curious and Adventurous

Although some of us don’t miss our school days one bit, it’s been proven time and time again that one of the best ways to keep your brain active is to learn a new skill. Whether you choose to pick up a language, start learning the best poker hands, or try out a new style of cooking, it’s up to you.

Being curious in our everyday lives will help us to feel less anxious when we’re asked to do something new. You don’t need to dive head first into a whole new career, or a wild lifestyle change, but doing something different, and perhaps even a little scary, every day will help you to step outside your comfort zone. Once you start to get used to that feeling of butterflies in your stomach, you’ll start to enjoy it and be able to tackle challenges that you didn’t think were possible before.

Stop Doing Exercise You Hate

If you book yourself into a spin class after work only to spend the whole day dreading it, then the chances are, spinning isn’t for you. Just because something is good exercise doesn’t mean you should put yourself through it if you genuinely hate it. Many of us are guilty of this and the reason why is because we haven’t found the movement that we really love yet.

In order to rebuild your relationship with exercise try to undertake some mindful movement. This could come in the form of a relaxing yoga class if you enjoy the company of others, or a mindfulness walk if you’d prefer to take the journey alone. Once you start to enjoy the feeling of stretch and strength in your muscles again, then be curious and try out a class that’s totally new to you.

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