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7 Tips to Keep Yourself Safe When Taking an Uber

Uber is one of the fastest-growing businesses worldwide that makes everyday travel simple and affordable. Uber operates in more than 69 countries and has become an integral part of everyday travel. Uber has helped to shatter the convention that traveling to work can never be comfortable and luxurious. It has also helped people without cars reach their destinations on time.

This fastest-growing business has many advantages, but with the number of Uber cabs increasing on the road, fatal road accidents are increasing simultaneously. This lucrative business is facing a lot of trouble compensating for the increasing number of accidents; therefore, you must take safety measures before taking an Uber ride. If you ever encounter an Uber accident, you must hire an experienced Uber accident lawyer to help you file a compensation claim.

7 Tips You Must Consider Before Every Uber Ride

Uber rides are comfortable; they take away the hassles of crowded public transport and help you reach your destination on time. However, when on the road, you can encounter an accident anytime. To ensure more safety while taking an Uber ride, you must consider these seven safety tips:

1. Choosing the Backseat

While taking an Uber ride, the safest option to avoid frontal crashes or harassment from the driver is by taking the backseat. Sitting in the front seat with the driver can make you feel uncomfortable and unsafe, and in the worst-case scenario, you can suffer from severe seat belt injuries during sudden crashes. Hence, the backseat is a much safer place.

2. Only Riding with Drivers with the Highest Ratings and Reviews

The best way to be sure your Uber ride is safe is to go through the reviews and ratings of the driver. Remember that the drivers with the highest reviews and ratings have years of experience and will not do anything to destroy their reputation. Highly-rated drivers are more serious about their work, so there is less chance of trouble with them.

3. Cross-Checking to See If the Driver Is Drunk-Driving

Most road accidents occur due to driver negligence and drunk driving. Consumption of alcohol can cause dizziness. The driver can doze off while driving and cause an accident. Also, it is illegal to drink and drive, and it is an even bigger crime to carry passengers while drunk. So, you must always double-check if the driver is in good condition.

4. Sharing Ride Details with Friends and Family

The best way to feel safer during the rides is to share ride details with friends and family members who can reach you in case of emergencies. Sharing ride details will make it easy for them to track you and reach the spot.

5. Gathering Valuable Evidence in Case of Accidents

If you ever encounter a minor accident due to the negligence or overspeeding of the Uber driver, you must gather evidence for filing a complaint. These pieces of evidence must include the name of the driver, the image of the car’s license plate, the exact spot where the accident took place, and statements from the witnesses.

6. Keeping Emergency Services at Speed Dial List

You must always keep emergency services like 100 or 911 on your speed dial list in case of extreme emergencies. If you have encountered a horrific accident, were harassed by the driver, or taken the wrong route, these emergency services will save your life.

7. Do Not Forget to Buckle Up

Whether in the passenger seat or back seat, always buckle up if you have access to a seat belt. Seat belts can save you from severe injuries during sudden hits and crashes.


You never know what happens while you ride in an Uber, but one thing you know for sure is that your safety is your responsibility. You cannot avoid uncertain accidents, but taking a few safety measures can save your precious life.

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