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6 Ways To Keep The Romance Alive Even After The Honeymoon Phase

Love is heavily in the air in the honeymoon phase. Whatever you do appears sweet and romantic to your partner, as if you’re living in your own fantasy world. However, these aren’t fixed timelines since you’re a part of another life that’s filled with responsibilities, workloads, and office stress. That’s why most committed ones hate this term “back to basics.” Because normal lives don’t have better things to offer. That’s when relationships lose their essence—romance, spark, and intimacy.

If you’re experiencing this, don’t fret since you’re not the only one. There are many couples whose love life went on a toss. However, certain ways helped them reconnect with their partner and keep their romance alive. Here are six proven ways that’ll also help you in order to keep your romance alive and thrive at every point. 

1. Continue Dating

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Even if you’ve been on a date a zillion times, you should still continue going on dates with your soulmate. Because learning human nature is a life-long process. When it comes to your partner, you must know their new hobbies, likes, fashion sense, and other aspects. With time, our choices change.

And it’s best to know what your partner’s up to. Spending quality time, doing romantic gestures, and having intimate conversations lets both of you evolve with time. As far as romance is concerned, you should delight your partner with presents as well. Perhaps a diamond necklace, an engraved wristband, or a couple artwork, to recollect your romantic memories. 

2. Acknowledge The Effort

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Remember, little things matter the most in a relationship. And your partner deserves your acknowledgement. Because it isn’t easy to show up every time you’re in trouble or make meals to delight you after a hectic schedule.

If your partner puts in countless hours to brighten your day, it’s your duty to appreciate her effort. Instead of saying thank you, appreciate your woman’s effort with presents that shower love, respect, and fun into their lives. This kind gesture will make a big difference and resurrect the romance in your relationship. 

3. Find A Reason To Show Your Affection

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In a relationship, you have to set some time aside to make your partner feel special and happy. Even if you are in the middle of something, write a message or tag them in a romantic post to remind them how much you miss them. Call them by managing your time to build up intimate conversations during lunch hours and breaks. 

4. Travel With Your Partner

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As the saying goes, couples who travel together stay together. You don’t have to travel across the ocean, since a one-day trip will also help. Traveling is a great way to recharge your relationship. Weekend plans or mid-week trips also help you enhance your sexual relationship with your partner. Besides, it’s important to have new patterns in a routine that add excitement and meaning to your love-life. 

5. Enhance Your Intimacy

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Keep your romance alive by increasing the number of hugs, kisses, and cuddles. Show your love wherever or whenever you can. For instance, kiss your partner when you walk into the kitchen or hug her when you return home. Be creative and funny as you won’t reconnect with your partner if you underestimate the power of touch.

6. Go Nostalgic

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Take some time out and go through all your memories. Sometimes, going nostalgic gives you a reason to live longer to make more beautiful memories with your partner. Scroll through your laptop and recollect all your happy moments—a trip to Europe, the engagement ceremony, or your first time window shopping.  

Final Words

Everything appears easy-going mostly in the honeymoon phase. There’s immense love, laughter, intimacy, and you name it. However, the spark and romance slowly fade after you return to your normal life. There could be several reasons behind it. But certain ways can help you rekindle that spark. We’ve shared some proven ways above, which you can use in order to keep your romance alive and thrive at every point.

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