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The Why And How Of Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Keeping your four-legged friends healthy should be at the top of the priority list for all dog lovers out there. Having a healthy pooch will not only improve their life, but will improve your own with a doggo that wants to play, snuggle, and go for walkies more often.

But there are other reasons to keep your dog healthy outwith the obvious reasons. There are also fewer thought of ways to keep your dog healthy and in this article, we are going to delve into both the why and the how.

Improve Their Diet Where Possible

And we want to start off by saying always consult with a qualified pet nutritionist before making any drastic diet changes. They can help guide you along the way for your dog and its specific breed.

With that aside, taking a close look at your dog’s diet is a sure-fire way to improve their overall health.

That means cutting down on the extra biscuits and snacks they are snuck during the day to focus on fuller, healthier meals at set times.

A popular diet making a comeback as of late for its health benefits is the BARF dog food diet that uses raw dog food to bolster your pooch’s health. Expert pet food company Bella and Duke not only supplies ample information about the BARF diet but also offers high-quality raw dog food!

A Healthy Dog Means They Can Help Others

Just like humans can give blood, dogs can give blood too – and not many people know or understand that this is a thing. When something happens to a pet, and they need blood, vets turn to pet blood banks (or their own reserves of dog blood).

We all know that donating your own blood can help save the lives of other people, your dog donating their blood can save another furry friend somewhere.

Dogs also have blood types, two as a matter of fact, and so having plenty of dog and pet blood on hand is a priority for animal triage.

Keeping your pooch healthy will more than likely enable them to give blood, and if they are able, you should absolutely consider doing so. But don’t put your dog’s wellbeing at risk and always consult with a vet before considering this.

Keep Regular Schedules

This is a big one that many dog lovers fail to pay much attention to. Yes, walking your dog every day is important but equally as important is the scheduling of these walks.

If your dog is particularly anxious then not keeping a regular walk schedule can cause unneeded anxiety and have a negative impact on their overall mental health.

But even if you don’t have an anxious dog, feeding time is another aspect of day-to-day life that should be kept regular. Any dog will begin to feel anxious if their feeding time has passed and they haven’t got any grub in their bowl yet.

Regular schedules make sure that your dog doesn’t have any undue stress in their life.

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