Keeping Your Teens on Track in the Holidays

Keeping Your Teens on Track in the Holidays

A perennial challenge for parents is coming up with entertaining summer activities for teenagers. You and your adolescent are likely both looking forward to a break from the daily grind of school, which includes early mornings, carpools, after-school practices, and games, but your adolescent may not be exactly pleased about spending the entire summer with the family.

Look at these cool activities that could be your saving grace and tear them away from their screens this summer. Do you really want to watch “High School Musical” again?


Seeing as “We’re All in This Together”, the summer is the perfect opportunity to teach your teen about volunteering. Teenagers who volunteer learn the value and joy of sacrifice and helping others. They can develop empathy and compassion while also learning more about how the world turns. Community service hours might also count toward your child’s high school diploma, depending on your school district.

Maybe you and them could do this together, or they could do it with some friends. Have a conversation with your kid about the topics they care about or a potential career path that interests them. By conducting a quick Google search, you can find the names of nursing homes, animal shelters, hospitals, regional organizations, and local libraries that may need assistance.

Engage Different Skills

Summer holidays are the perfect time to learn new skills. This could be the “Start of Something New” and your teen could take their interests and hobbies to the next level. If your teen has shown an interest in something unique, maybe this is the perfect time to let them explore. Online courses, in-person classes, workshops, and internships might be the place where they learn a skill that stays with them for life.

Perhaps your teen is a good guitar player but maybe this vacation could be the catalyst to them becoming a sensational player. Help them take it higher and encourage them to achieve greatness. Why not help them research the possibility of acquiring highly sought-after acoustic guitars from Goodall to make their dream a reality? You could be the parent of the next greatest acoustic guitar player the world has seen!

Be Active Together

While the summer is a wonderful time to unwind, it’s also a wonderful time to be active and “Get’cha Head in the Game”! Summertime is the perfect time to start training for the next season. This may even be the perfect opportunity for you to find something to do together. If they are not sports fans, why not consider taking a dance class together, or planning some family hikes? Fresh air and exercise are the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors while staying fit.

Whatever activities or adventures you plan, make sure that you plan together. Ask them to describe their ideal summer, listen carefully, and only then share your suggestions. Be open-minded and flexible and allow them to discover what it is they really like.

Don’t forget that they are worn out – let them have time to rest and recharge. A crucial skill to impart to your child is the ability to relax. Remember, teenagers are still kids. They also need time to play, unwind, and spend quality time with their parents (even though they may not like to admit it!). Enjoy your time together – try not to complain about all the food and snacks they are eating or that they never did their chores. Spend an afternoon swimming or watching old movies.

But when chatting to your Gen Z crowd, maybe you should omit the “High School Musical” references that sling back to your own time, and rather trust that these tips can help to get your teen on the track to success – this holiday and for a future filled with promise.

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