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6 Signs Your Kid Has A Future In Programming

With the world becoming increasingly reliant on computers and technology, careers in programming can be pretty lucrative. For instance, the median salary for a computer programmer was $86,550 in 2019, while the top 25 percent made $112,120. Experts predict these numbers will rise in the coming years.

Of course, not everyone has the aptitude for coding. And pushing anyone into the wrong vocation can be a recipe for disaster. So, here are some helpful signs that your child may have what it takes to become a programmer:

1. They Love Technology

While many kids use technology to consume entertainment like their favorite videos, not every kid is fascinated by how it all works. Children who ask technical questions about their devices, program their hardware, play coding games, or enjoy strategy titles may also enjoy programming.

You can encourage such children to learn how to code by providing them with age-appropriate programming books, making coding fun, and putting them in computer camps with other kids. You can also introduce them to PCs at an early age with their own laptop.

But please use a firewall, parental controls, and an online virus scanner to shield them from spyware, stalkerware, Trojans, and other malware that threat actors use to target vulnerable people. Unfortunately, tracking software is a significant cybersecurity concern nowadays.

2. They Enjoy Teamwork

It’s a misconception that programmers only work alone. While some certainly enjoy solitary work, many work in large teams to complete projects together. Even programmers that start their own work often eventually have to form a team to expand their project. Does your kid display an affinity for teamwork? If so, they may enjoy working within a group of coders.

3. They Are Creative

Programmers must often find creative solutions to complex problems. Additionally, they must sometimes deal with the frustration of failure before finding success. If your kid surprises you with their creativity, they may have the mindset for problem-solving.

4. They Have a Good Vocabulary

It’s no secret that programmers must learn multiple languages to be at the top of their craft. And not everyone is cut out for it. Children interested in languages or who have good vocabulary may find it easier to transition to the world of programming.

5. They Are Detail-Oriented

One small mistake can have significant consequences in coding. And coders who are detail-oriented catch issues faster than others. If your kid asks lots of questions, encourage them to ask more. Be proud of any kid who notices small details in life, for they could find success in the field of computer science.

6. Their Learning is Self-Motivated

Technology is evolving constantly. For example, more apps rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning to give users more value. Likewise, while virtual reality is trending today, augmented reality could play a bigger role in the future. Kids who are self-motivated to learn new things are more likely to stay on top of technology trends.

These are six signs that your child may have a future in programming. Regardless of where their interests lie, it’s critical to encourage them to develop their skills and follow their path.

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