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Everything You Need to Know About Taft Clothing

Ever felt like your outfit was missing something? Or maybe even worse, that it didn’t look good at all? What you need might just be a fresh pair of shoes!

It doesn’t matter what kind of person you are when it comes to fashion. You can be the next big thing in the fashion industry or someone that likes to just have a t-shirt on. Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that every outfit must come with a matching pair of shoes.

Taft Clothing is all about that. Inspired by their undying love and passion for shoes, the brand exists to give back to the industry they love. They stand for quality and beautifully made products, which is what this article will dive into.

What Is Taft Clothing?

Taft Clothing (styled as TAFT) was founded in 2013. The founders are Kory and Mallory Stevens, who decided to put up their business in their small 2-bedroom apartment. With no business experience or funding whatsoever, this venture in their lives was surely a challenge.

They place the utmost importance on the quality of their work. The standards always have to be met or even surpassed. Every design has a meaning behind it. Be it a stitch of leather, the variety of colors, and even each eye stay. For TAFT, every component matters.

Their home base in the great state of Utah is where all the magic first started to happen. These two took a shared appreciation for shoes and decided to do more than just love it. They wanted to give people a reason to see what they saw as well.

So how exactly did this simple couple from Utah turn a dream into a reality? They did some pretty remarkable things to get there.

How Did TAFT Grow?

In an interview they had with Forbes, the founders shared the secrets to their success. They knew that being meticulous and strategic was the key to their business development. Here are a few of them:

Marketed Where They Had an Advantage

When it comes to most start-ups, they’re already starting at a disadvantage. A small brand with little to no funding would certainly find it impossible to challenge industry giants. Fortunately, they don’t have to. That’s where the beauty of social media comes in.

Kory and Mallory used this to their advantage. Promoting and building their brand on social media also gave them a direct relationship with the community. And, since social media is free, they didn’t have to spend a single thing on advertisements.

Avoided the Inventory Trap

Having a product that you can’t sell will definitely be a huge blow to any success the business has. That’s why Kory and Mallory did things very cautiously. They first ensured that they had interest from potential buyers before putting out the money in production.

Ignored Early Calls From Venture Capital Firms

Getting investments from established investors or venture capital firms might be beneficial in the beginning, but they hurt as time passes. The founders didn’t want to give up a part of their business for some fast cash. They were in it for the long run.

Outsource Certain Tasks

When it came to the logistics of handling a business, they decided to seek help from others. Companies specifically made for these tasks allowed them to spend more time on more important things.

Ensured Good Customer Service

When it came to marketing and answering customers, they didn’t allow anyone else to do it for them. They know a relationship with the community is vital, so everything involved in customer relations was done themselves.

Invest in Customer Loyalty

Loyalty is everything. Building a relationship with customers is vital for anyone looking to sell pretty much anything. If a customer keeps coming back, that’s more money in your pocket. Kory and Mallory knew this, so they did everything they had to for it to happen.

They Deferred Payouts

By not pulling out their investments too early, they allowed their income to grow. Through bank interests and the ever-changing economy, their money gained more and more value. They knew that by waiting even just a bit, they’d be earning much more.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for your next shoe purchase, Taft Clothing is definitely the way to go. By supporting them, you are not only supporting a shoe company, but you’re also supporting a dream

A dream that has come to influence the hundreds of thousands of customers they have, and you can finally be one too! So choose TAFT, and choose what’s good for your feet.

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