20 Delicious Korean Snacks You Need to Try

K-pop, K-dramas, and K-beauty products are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, and with them, South Korea as a tourist destination is thriving too. But that’s not where the curiosity about Korean culture ends. Namely, Korean snacks have also sparked much interest worldwide.

South Koreans take their snacking seriously, which is why their convenience stores are packed with an overwhelming variety of snacks and treats. If you wanted to try out some new snacks but didn’t know where to start and where to get them, here’s a helpful guide on everything you need to know about Korean snacks.

Best-Selling Korean Snacks

Even with the number of choices the Korean snack industry is offering, some snacks have won the most hearts. These are some of the oldest and best-selling snacks in South Korea:

#1. Lotte Pepero

Lotte Pepero

Image source: Amazon

One of the most popular treats in South Korea, Pepero is a biscuit stick covered in chocolate. The original Pepero is dipped in milk chocolate, but over the years they came up with various flavors. Some of the choices you have include white chocolate, vanilla, choco cookie, and even green tea.

It’s been around since 1983, which speaks volumes about its status in Korean snacking. In fact, Lotte Pepero is such a beloved treat that it has its own holiday! Pepero Day is celebrated on November 11, when Koreans gift their loved ones with Pepero to show how much they care. A Variety Value Package that includes six-packs of Lotte Pepero costs $49.71.

#2. Orion Choco Pie

Orion Choco Pie

Image source: Amazon

Sold since 1974, Orion Choco Pie is one of the oldest Korean treats on the market. It consists of two small chocolate-coated sponge cakes, connected with a marshmallow filling.

Several brands are offering a variety of this treat, but the Orion one has become a classic. Koreans absolutely love Choco Pies, so it’s safe to say you won’t regret trying this one. Orion Choco Pie comes in many flavors — from the traditional chocolate variant to flavors like strawberry, banana, and matcha. For $18.99, you can get 12×2 packs of Orion Choco Pies.

#3. Nongshim Shrimp Cracker

Nongshim Shrimp Cracker

Image source: Amazon

First introduced in 1971, Nongshim Shrimp Cracker is still a favorite among Koreans. It’s no surprise this snack has been around so long, as seafood-flavored snacks are very prominent in Korea. What’s more, this Shrimp Cracker is not filled with the usual artificial additives, but savory shrimp flavor. It’s crunchy and tasty and can even be found in spicy variants. A package of 12 bags costs $30.70.

#4. Haitai Matdongsan

Haitai Matdongsan

Image source: Amazon

It seems that peanut snacks are universally loved. If peanuts are your favorite as well, Matdongsan is a snack for you. It consists of a cookie coated in syrup and then topped with chopped peanuts. Matdongsan is crunchy and sweet, perfect for a nutty dessert. For $11.85 you can get a big bag of Haitai Matdongsan.

#5. Orion Gosomi Crackers

Orion Gosomi Crackers

Image source: Amazon

Koreans seem to have a perfect snack for every occasion. For enjoying a cup of tea on a lazy afternoon, Orion Gosomi Crackers are a perfect snack. They are crispy biscuits with sesame seed, sugar, salt, and a bit of coconut. The combination of sweet and savory spices makes them a great addition to your tea, which is why many Koreans always have them together. Two packs of eight crackers are $23.00.

Traditional Korean Snacks

If you’re new to the world of Korean snacks, these are the ones you need to try first. Whether you like sweet or savory snacks, or you’re looking for unique flavors you couldn’t find anywhere else, there is something for everyone. You just need to decide which category to start with.

#6. Korean Honey Cookies

Korean Honey Cookies

Image source: Amazon

Honey cookies or Yakgwa in Korean are traditional cookies shaped like flowers. Translated into English, yak means medicine, and gwa means sweet. It was named so due to the health benefits honey has, as well as its sweetness.

This snack is prepared by deep-frying, not baking like most cookies. It’s made with honey, ginger, rice wine, and sesame oil. Koreans say that homemade honey cookies taste best, but you can also get pre-packaged ones, for $16.79 for a three-pack.

#7. Seaweed Crisps

Seaweed Crisps

Image source: Amazon

Seaweed is an important part of Korean cuisine, so it’s no wonder it also became a common snack. These seaweed crisps are a perfect snack when you are craving Korean food but can’t go to a Korean restaurant.

Seaweed Crisps are light and crispy with a savory note. Plus, they are good for your health. They also come in a variety of flavors — brown rice, potato, sweet corn, and more. You can get a 10-pack of different flavors for $39.98.

#8. Coffee Crackers

Coffee Crackers

Image source: Amazon

Koreans love having a snack with their coffee, which is why there is a variety of coffee crackers available in their convenience stores. For a more traditional version, you can try one of the recipes for dalgona, a Korean sugar candy. If, on the other hand, you prefer to stay out of the kitchen, store-bought coffee biscuits are still pretty good. Three packs of Coffee Crackers will cost you $23.99.

Sweet Korean Snacks

#9. Haitai Sindangdong Tteokbokki

Haitai Sindangdong Tteokbokki

Image source: Amazon

Tteokbokki, Korean rice cakes with sweet and spicy sauce, are the staple of Korean street food. Therefore, it makes sense that chips with the same sauce are also one of the most popular snacks. When you can’t get the real thing, this is the best alternative. A pack of two bags is $15.49.

#10. Honey Butter Chip

Honey Butter Chip

Image source: Amazon

Although Honey Butter Chip has not been around for as long as other popular snacks, it quickly became a well-liked snack. The chips are thin and crispy, with sweet and savory tastes combined. Due to its unusual combination, it sparked a lot of interest and immediately sold out everywhere. Fortunately, it is available again for $9.95 for a pack of 3.

#11. Lotte Sunflower Seed Choco Ball

Choco Ball

Image source: Amazon

If you like eating sunflower seeds on their own, you’re going to love them covered in chocolate. That is exactly what you get with Sunflower Seed Choco Balls — dried sunflower seeds dipped in high-quality milk chocolate. Not only does it taste great, but sunflower seeds are also high in protein. For $19.00, you can get 10 packs of Sunflower Seed Choco Ball.

Savory Korean Snacks

#12. Dried Squid

Dried Squid

Image source: Amazon

It might sound strange to have dried squid for a snack, but it’s actually delicious, much like beef jerky. Curious about why does jerky cost so much? When you think about it, dried squid is no different than having beef jerky as a snack. Dried squid can smell a little fishy, but it’s tasty and full of protein, which makes it an ideal snack. You can see if dried squid is up to your tastes for $20.77.

#13. Paldo Crab Chips

Paldo Crab Chips

Image source: Amazon

Paldo Crab Chips are another great savory snack. These are crispy and lightly salted, so you will like them even if you avoid salty foods. Koreans often combine Paldo Crab Chips with alcohol, so there’s another idea you can try out. You can get this Korean Snack for $6.99.

#14. Binggrae Smoky Bacon Chips

Bacon Chips

Image source: Carousell

It would be difficult to find a better combination than smoked bacon and chips, which is why this is a superb snack. It’s got a light barbecue flavor and the chips even look like small pieces of bacon strips. If you love bacon, nothing can top this snack. An 8-pack can be yours for $20.00.

Korean Snacks With Unique and Interesting Flavors

#15. Hot Bars

Hot Bars

Image source: Amazon

Hot Bars are vacuum-packaged sausages and fish sticks and Koreans love them! You can find them practically everywhere in Korea — convenience stores, malls, food markets, and street stalls. They taste best when you eat them piping hot, so heat them up before consuming. A pack of 25 hot bars is $85.00.

#16. Glim Tom’s Farm Seasoned Almonds

Seasoned Almonds

Image source: Amazon

If you love snacking almonds, you need to try Korean seasoned almonds. An innovative and exciting snack, these are also a great source of protein. If you’d like to try some really unusual flavors, you can choose between tiramisu, yogurt, lobster, and many others. For $29.90, you can experience the most surprising among the Korean snacks.

#17. Yogurt and Cola Pringles

Cola Pringles

Image source: Pinterest

When it comes to snacks, Pringles is the staple, so you might find it strange it is in the ‘unique flavors’ category. The reason is simple — Pringles is available everywhere in the world, but Koreans took Pringles flavors to another level.

In 2018, they came up with Yogurt and Cola flavored Pringles, which immediately became a hit. However, since both flavors are limited edition and in pretty high demand, it might be difficult to get them. When they are available, you can get them for $28.99.

Korean Snack Box: Best Korean Snacks for Kids

Now that you know about so many tasty Korean snacks, you might want to try them all at once. Well, that’s not entirely impossible. You can find plenty of Korean Snack Box subscriptions online. In these boxes, you get several Korean snacks for a more affordable price.

If, on the other hand, you know exactly what you want, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a Snack Box. You can choose between a Pepero Box, Choco Box, Cherry Blossom Box, and many, many others. You can see what’s on offer for yourself and start snacking like a Korean.

#18. Abishag Fruit Chips

Fruit Chips

Image source: Ebay

When choosing a snack for kids, you want to make sure it’s tasty but also good for them. That’s why Abishag Fruit Chips make for an excellent choice of snack for kids.

They are made from high-quality fruits from Korea, and they contain neither additives nor added sugars. In addition, they dry the fruits using the low-temperature wind dehydration method, which minimizes the loss of nutrients. The price per bag is $11.99.

#19. Maxbon Fish and Cheese Sausage Sticks

Maxbon Fish

Image source: Walmart

Korean kids love Fish and Cheese sausage sticks, so why wouldn’t all the other kids as well? This snack contains fish meat and cheddar cheese, as well as corn grains which add to the chewy texture. Surprise your kids with a new snack they will love and get them a 6-pack of sausage sticks for $31.99.

#20. Orion Choco Boy

Choco Boy

Image source: Amazon

The novelty of eating a mushroom-shaped candy is enough to get your kids excited about Orion Choco Boy. However, this treat is also delicious due to its combination of sweet chocolate and crunchy biscuit. In addition, each box contains a fun connect-the-dots game that all the kids will love. A four-bag pack of these biscuits comes to $15.99.

Where to Buy Korean Snacks

1. Online

To get any of the snacks mentioned above, you can just follow the links in the headings. However, there are more online sources that offer Korean snacks and deliver them to your door.

For example, you can check out Just Asian Food’s section of Korean snacks. There is also Cokoyam that offers a great Korean Snack Box with over 70 snacks, as well as a variety of choices of sweet and savory snacks. If you are based in the US, you can also try SFMart, which even offers free delivery for orders over $50.

2. Local Convenience Store

If you’re too impatient to wait for the snacks to arrive, you should check whether your local convenience store carries some Korean snacks. You’d be surprised how many of them actually do. In fact, many stores have introduced a separate section for Korean snacks.

So make sure to ask next time you’re in the store. Even if they don’t have them at the moment, more people asking means they might think about ordering some for the store.


Korean snacks are changing the snacks game, so you need to get on board and try some. You can surely find something that fits your tastes among an overwhelming variety of choices provided by Korean snacks.

More importantly, you can try out new tastes and flavors that you don’t encounter that often, such as dried squid, seaweed chips or CNY goodies. Whichever snack you do decide to try, you’ll definitely come back for more!

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