How Does The Law Sustain A Society’s Peace And Order?

Glancing back at history, where the world has seen ages of tyranny and injustice, none of us finds it right to oppress someone for personal gains. Even if we analyze Word War II in detail, we will never approve of the ways used for punishment in the name of justice. Peace and war co-exist, and it is due to these wars, the world now values peace and tranquility over anything. Wars entail years of human suffering and injustice, and even after they end, the consequences and traumas are everlasting.

After these wars, the United Nations found it necessary to announce human rights, ensuring that they no longer suffer. That document was not only about their fundamental rights, but it also has legal aspects that guarantee individual safety. Had there been no laws, the cars on the roads will go in any direction, and we will find accidents every couple of minutes.

The criminals won’t face any punishments, and the victim will look for justice. Imagine losing your hard-earned money to a robber and having no option to file a suit against that person or recover your money. We will feel sad and angry for having no law enforcement agency inaction or having no hope of justice.

People will fight over little issues if no laws are ensuring that they are accountable for their actions. Even in countries like Turkey, Cambodia, Russia, the civic space is shrinking, justice has gone one-sided, and peace has become fragile. The judiciary in every country ensures that the guilty get a fair punishment, and the victim finds justice.

Individuals with an online law enforcement degree can enter the judiciary system and fight for society’s betterment through righteous ways. Justice and law are key factors in sustaining peace and harmony in society. Below are a few reasons justifying the importance of law and order to promote peace in society.

1. Promoting Equal Rights

If you happen to face a condition where you have to resolve a fight between a friend and a stranger, what will you do? Knowing that your friend is the one who has done wrong, you will try to favor your friend besides knowing that they are on the wrong side. It is a normal reaction as we humans can become biased towards our relations and friendship. If we take the same case to court, the conclusion will be different.

The law promotes peace through its application. The sole presence of law itself gives people a hope that no matter if they are guilty or not, they will get equal treatment if they refer to the court. Respecting the fundamental rights of people offers excellent stability in a society on the whole. It is also a guaranteed way to ensure that no one gets into petty fights or does harm leading to collateral damage for an individual.

2. Prevents Crime

Society is a concoction of good and evil. You will find people who are vocal for justice, and some are into violating the laws. The absence of law in any country can lead to high crime rates as people will not fear getting punishments. Today’s criminal justice lawyers do not rely on guts and statements only; they also believe in utilizing data-driven evidence to guarantee justice for everyone.

A society full of disputes cannot survive without law. At least they need a neutral head with the power to distinguish between good and evil. Preventing crimes by defining strict rules and demonstrating equal treatments for everyone is a message for everyone thinking to commit a crime that they will get due punishment.

3. Avoids Relapse of Conflict

Had there been no laws or a judicial system, the conflicts resolved will never end. If we remove law and order from a country and let people decide their fate, the place will be in chaos. On the contrary, if we refer to a well-defined judicial system, the verdicts passed through the court serves as a conclusion for everyone, and no one dares to object to it.

Having an original judgment from the court gives out a message to everyone present at the hearing that the decision is unanimous. Such verdicts allow the matter or conflict to stay resolved, and even if someone has to object to it, they will have to follow a proper chain of command. A refined system is an outlet for peaceful scrutiny to avoid the relapse of conflicts among parties.

4. Enforcing Human Rights

Right after the Second World War, human rights became functional as the atrocities of war were horrendous. The consequences are still there even after years, but humans today are safe. If they feel that they are not getting fair treatment, they can now speak for themselves. The detailed document of human rights has enabled humans to feel protected, safe, and vocal about their rights.

Justice and law play a substantial role in enforcing these rights. If a person goes to the court saying they are not getting their human rights or, the court can run a lawsuit against a person or organization to ensure justice. They can claim a violation of any right staying within the legal boundaries and get justice for it.

5. Liberty and Freedom

If we have a proper outlet or a source to know how we have to process our issues, it gives us the right to enjoy the freedom to the fullest. A society where people feel secure and have the liberty to voice their opinions is more peaceful than when people cannot speak out loud.

If we keep suppressing people for a long time, their voices will burst like a pressure cooker, leading to protests and unrest among them. Thanks to the rule of law and justice, every individual is enjoying liberty. It has contributed a lot in sustaining peace in society.


We might have advanced in terms of technology and education, but impartiality still exists. Tyranny has been prevalent in many forms. In the previous centuries, it existed in the form of wars, it still exists, but the forms are not as severe as they were in the past.

Today’s world is a much better place where we can express what we think, wear what we want, or follow whoever we wish to. We can sleep peacefully, knowing that even if something terrible happens, we can always refer to the law to resolve our issues and find justice. Peace and harmony can only prevail when people are aware of their boundaries and take responsibility for their actions.

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