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Guitar Lessons? Learn To Play Guitar If You Know These Things

Are you planning to learn guitar? Looking out for places for guitar lessons? If you are starting from the right place, you will have a higher chance of getting to an impressive guitar playing standard. This information piece will save your time and avoid frustration in learning it. Well, if you are not a beginner and already know how to play the guitar, these tips are still useful for you.

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1. Choose the right instrument

One of the primary questions in the mind of every guitarist – should I learn an electric or acoustic guitar?

As a beginner, you should start your guitar playing journey with an acoustic guitar. You will have many advantages over a start-up with an electric guitar. The thick acoustic guitar strings are one of the worth-mentioning reasons in this regard. You can get hold of it quickly, developing a superior playing technique and control.

Acoustic guitars offer an advantage that they are more convenient to use without messing around leads and amps. Having so much gear distracts guitar players. Acoustic keeps it simple and allows you to concentrate on key stuff only ending up learning it well. Do not go for an electric guitar as your guitarist friend told you that it hurt less than an acoustic guitar.

2. No Pain, no Gain

If you have heard this proverb, keep it in your mind while learning a guitar. You will feel pain in your fingers for days. Your body will need time to get your body adjusted with it. Many guitarists complain that no one told them about the pain before starting learning it.

Have you heard about guitarist callouses? The more your practice, you will hard skin areas on the tips of your fingers means more playing will decrease your pain over time.

Well, be prepared, not only your fingers will hurt but you may feel the numbness in your hands, arms, and even in your neck if your sitting posture is not right.

3. Tune every time you play

The sound of tuning on and out is not pleasing for anyone. In this regard, the best habit is to tune your guitar whenever you play it. The major reason behind this is that no matter how good you are, an untuned guitar will sound like rubbish. Unfortunately, a slight difference in temperature can knock the strings out of tune. However, you can easily check it out.

You may find tuning a boring job but by just having few tools, you can perform the job well. No matter you are using a cheap clip-on tuner for your guitar or an automatic guitar tuner, you can knack the job soon.

4. Regular re-stringing of guitar

As a beginner, you might not know how to string your guitar. Over time, the strings become dull and may not sound nice. If you are confused about when to re-string your guitar, it depends upon various factors, including:

• Making of the guitar strings
• Usage of the guitar
• Timespan the strings are installed

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