left field ideas for a date night

Left Field Ideas For A Date Night With A Difference

Going out on a date night with your significant other is an important part of keeping the spark alive in a relationship and injecting a bit of fun into what can become a humdrum routine. The trouble is that even date night can become a little humdrum if you’re not careful. A meal out or a few drinks in an old favorite hangout is great, but why not try something a little different once in a while. Here are a few ideas you might like to try out.

Escape together for real

Date night is all about a temporary escape from family routine, so why not take it literally with a visit to an escape room? Escape rooms are among the top trending entertainment facilities at the moment, and you’ll find them in most towns. They come in a wide choice of themes, but what they have in common is that you are shut into a closed room, given a starting clue and you have an hour to solve the mysteries in the room and escape.

It’s a little like stepping into a live video game. Just be warned – you’ll need to work together as a team! Best of all, as it only takes an hour, you still have plenty of time for a bite to eat and maybe a couple of drinks before it’s time to return to reality.

Poker night for two

A generation ago, “poker night” was a popular activity for a boys’ night out. However, over the past 20 years, more and more women have taken up poker, inspired no doubt, by pros like Annie Duke, Maria Ho and Vanessa Selbst.

You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy a night of poker, and you can either find a club in your area or maybe get dressed up and head to your local casino for a game of video poker or 3-card poker. Nothing beats the fun of a full poker game like Texas Holdem, though, so at least give it a try. Finding out which of you has the better poker bluff can be an illuminating experience!

Soak up some culture

Whether it’s a local music festival or perhaps a theater production by amateur performers, you’d be amazed how much live entertainment there is right on your doorstep if you only look. It’s a wonderful way to experience something new and maybe even discover a whole new shared interest. These sorts of events are nearly always run by volunteers and typically raise money for charitable causes through ticket sales – so you will have the gratification to know you are contributing towards a good cause, too.

Get pampered

We mentioned earlier that poker isn’t just for the guys. Well, a spa session isn’t just for the girls either. Check what is available at your local spa. Many offer joint experiences like a couple’s massage. You’ll feel your cares just drifting away and you’ll both feel amazing and renewed afterwards.

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