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What Equipment is Used to Provide the Very Best Live Casino Experience?

There is no denying that the live casino experience has improved significantly in recent years, as they have continued to grow in popularity and provide bettors with the very best and realistic gameplay experiences possible.

Naturally, the technology involved has helped to improve the overall experience, with players able to feel as though they are sat in a traditional casino environment despite likely playing on a device whilst at home or commuting to and from work.

However, when looking at what the very best live casino has to offer when it comes down to the games available such as the new Unibet Studio that is in partnership with developers Pragmatic Play, it is even more evident that technology plays a major role in providing that top experience. These are just some of the key components that go into making a live casino game as realistic as possible!


Indeed, one of the main pieces of technological equipment required when playing a live dealer game such as roulette and poker in real-time at a live casino is the cameras that are being used to display the game.

Those that have played a live casino game will already know that a number of different cameras are used to allow players to check out as much of the game and setting as possible, whilst each of them will provide an HD-quality picture at all times, therefore providing players with the opportunity to see everything as clear and as sharp as possible.

Optical Camera Recognition is used to help create the images that are caught by the cameras and then live-streamed to the player on their devices, with the technology able to capture any element that takes place in the gaming room, such as the rolling of the dice, the turning of a card or the spinning of a roulette wheel. These actions will then instantly be broadcasted back to the player in an instant.

There is potential for the camera technology and equipment used in live casinos to improve in the near future, as well, with new technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) all potentially becoming available to live casino users!


Of course, as well as being provided with the sharpest and best HD imagery possible from the cameras used, a live casino will need to be able to provide players with the best lighting settings as possible as well, which is why they continue to use some of the top lighting equipment possible.

As mentioned earlier, the Optical Camera Recognition software and technology used is important but this can not work as effectively as it can if it does not have the correct lighting. The OCR technology can only work within a short-range and requires a certain degree of lighting in order to accurately identify what is happening and then relay it back to the user.

Many who play at a live casino will find that many of the live dealer studios that are used will incorporate a special lighting system that comes from the floor of their studios.

Game Control Unit

The Game Control Unit is probably the most important component of any live casino and one that needs to be of the highest quality in order to provide a top live casino experience. In fact, they are so important that every table game that is typically offered will generally have a GCU attached to them.

Rather small in size, this piece of technological equipment has the responsibility of encoding the video that is being broadcast to players, whilst also assisting the live dealers in running the game; thus making it incredibly important.

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