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Low-Demand Apps as the New Standard Across Online Casinos and Elsewhere

Software apps make the world go round, acting as a significant part of many aspects of our daily lives. These apps are built on code that, thanks to the power of modern desktop and mobile systems, is extremely flexible.

Power can act as a double-edged sword for users, however, as some developers engage in poor practices which lead to inefficient and processor-hungry programming. Thanks to a couple of key modern technological shifts, this appears to be changing. The future is one where low-demand apps are not just going to be the target, but they’re also going to be easier to build than ever before.

Efficiency Done Right

Some of the best modern examples of low-demand apps have come from the online casino industry. Online slots at Betfair Casino demonstrate this perfectly with titles like Book of Wonga and Epic Troy. Offering the latest opportunities and detailed graphics makes these games look and play at the highest level, over both mobile and desktop systems.

Despite this, they still don’t push devices very hard, thanks to highly efficient HTML 5 design. The same applies to the rest of these services too, thanks to the greater overall website keeping the idea of optimisation close to its digital heart. This standard is one on which other apps and industries have set their sights, both for necessity and new ease of implementation.

Holding onto a System

People hold onto computer and laptop systems for years, and this is becoming the case for mobiles now too. While mobiles used to offer a huge range of prodigious technological leaps per generation, modern generation-to-generation advancements have stagnated. CNBC states that users are holding onto their phones for longer periods before upgrading thanks to this, and this pattern is only growing more pronounced.

App developers who understand this need to consider that appealing to the current devices can cause performance problems on older systems. With so many older phones out there, the standard needs to be perfect operation on phones a couple of generations old, which can then be scaled up to faster mobiles, laptops, and PCs. This way, fewer people miss out, and everyone gets the best possible experience. This is what online casino games have done for years, and other industries are taking notice.

A Helping Hand

Coding is not an easy job, and optimising code can be one of the more specialised parts of this process. Many developers might not have the knowledge to optimise themselves, or the money to pay for consultants, in which case the new generations of AI systems can lend a helping hand. According to Encora, AI code optimization can automate much of this process.

In many forms of software development, like with online casino games, AI already plays many roles, from reliability testing to safety features. AI code optimisation would then serve to speed up the final steps of the process, allowing an even faster release schedule with a more reliable end product.

The implementation of the new low-demand standard of apps will depend on the individual developers, their time, their expertise, and their willingness to help their users. To some, like online casinos, the process has been a matter of basic operations for years. For others, the growing older mobile landscape and AI system improvements could prove the final needed push. For the sake of fewer crashes in the apps we use, let’s just hope the changes come sooner rather than later.

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