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Best Low Impact Sports To Build Fitness

There is a trend nowadays for both men and women to boast musclebound physiques, with weight training and CrossFit style workouts all the rage. However, all that heavy lifting and high impact exercise does not work for everyone, because not everybody’s limbs and joints can hold up to the intensity.

With those people in mind, we have put together a list of sports activities that are all low impact athletic pursuits that have the potential to whip anyone into shape.

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Golf – Stride and Swing Your Way to Fitness

Golf is not always thought of as a very good way to get fit, with pro players from back in the day hardly sporting cut physiques.

That has now changed significantly due to players like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy bringing new levels of professionalism to the sport. After all, when so many fans are wagering on the top events it makes sense that the players take them seriously.

This means that the fields that line up for tournaments like the US Masters or The Open are packed full of athletes sporting six-pack abs and sturdy shoulders, all of whom want to deliver for those people who backed them by selecting 2021 US Masters winner betting odds or other odds created by dedicated sportsbooks.

While an amateur level player is not expected to push themselves to quite that level, golf does help keep someone’s weekend step count high, and if a player chooses to carry a golf bag rather than letting a caddy or electric buggy do the legwork, then those 18-holes can feel every bit like a good workout.

Photo source: https://www.piqsels.com/

Just be aware that golf course clubhouses often serve the sort of food and drink that is not conducive to maintaining a slimline look, so stay away from that carvery and breakfast pastry selection, and maybe one day you’ll find your name featuring on the US Masters money lines.

Swimming – Crawl and Stroke Your Way to a New You

Swimming is an oft overlooked form of exercise that has the potential to whip anyone into shape and improve their overall physical performance. The other excellent thing about this aquatic sport is that is probably the easiest on an athlete’s joints and muscles, providing a full-body workout without any of the usual bumps, scrapes, and muscle tears.

Start out by taking things easy with a bit of breaststroke and then work your way up to the front crawl or even butterfly if you are feeling ambitious.

Taking some lessons is always advisable, so you ensure that every stroke you make is technically sound and therefore eradicates the possibility of injuries occurring down the line.

Cycling – Get on Your Bike

Pedal power has long been a favorite of people looking to get in shape for the summer or just hoping to shed a few pounds from the waistline. However, for those people looking to get into some two-wheeled exercise there are more options than ever before.

The old-fashioned way of getting out on the road or dirt tracks is still always there, but now home training machines mean people can also pedal away to their heart’s content in their living room.

Such home trainers can then be combined with racing apps like Zwift, which allow huge fields of amateur riders to test their mettle against some of the world’s best cyclists.

Rowing – Row, Row, Row Your Boat

In much the same way that cycling can be done in an open-air environment or from the confines of a garage, rowing is emerging as a versatile sport that is easy on the knees, elbows, and shoulders.

One thing that new rowers should consider carefully, though, is their technique, because putting too much strain on your lower back muscles can leave you laid up for weeks.

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