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7 Choices of Majors If You Want To Help The Human Race

When selecting a course as your major, the options are overwhelmingly vast. You can explore different degree programs and pick something that aligns with your interests and goals. If you have been planning to become an entrepreneur, start applying to business schools.

Similarly, if you aspire to contribute towards a greater cause and help communities, look for degrees in humanitarian sciences. You can dig into psychology, arts, history, journalism, or social work. However, if you are having trouble deciding, here are seven choices for majors that you can pursue to help the human race.

1. Arts & History

For many people, the past gives them the perspective to learn about the present and walk towards the future. Consider studying social and cultural history if you are passionate about history. You can look for conventional history programs at college or explore e-learning opportunities to learn at your pace. You can even opt for a bachelor of arts in history online to develop skills while you balance other responsibilities.

2. Environmental Sciences

As the ozone layer is depleting, the debate on environmental challenges and climate change is likely to continue for a long time. Thus, knowledge in these areas is going to be super valuable. So, why not pursue a degree in environmental sciences? You will learn about practices to curb environmental damage and make this world a healthy place for upcoming generations.

At the same time, you can analyze interactions between humans and the environment to preserve nature. You can also work closely with government agencies and companies to establish policies that reduce environmental damage.

3. Nursing

When it comes to helping the human race, nursing is an indubitably incredible choice. After all, nurses are primary caregivers in healthcare settings. It might sound like a specialized degree, but you can explore different careers within this field. You can become a nurse-midwife, nurse manager, or legal nurse consultant. The nursing degree will prepare you for all aspects of patient care, letting you help people on the road to recovery.

4. Media & Journalism

Do you want to become the voice of the unheard? Undoubtedly, pursuing a degree in media and journalism is the ideal way to highlight critical subjects. This field is all about researching events, creating accurate reports, and spreading information to the public.

Similarly, you can cover stories and discover the truth behind every narrative through journalism. You will get an opportunity to look at every situation differently and spread awareness. Also, it will allow you to keep people informed and debate on aspects that are essential for the well-being of our society.

5. Legal Studies

If you have a strong sense of justice and want to overcome the problems in the system, study law. Legal education and qualification will allow you to make a significant change. You can fight for people who have been treated unjustly.

Likewise, you can dig into criminal law to put criminals behind bars. Besides this, you can also work on pro-bono cases to provide justice to people who can’t afford expensive lawyers. It will give you an inner sense of accomplishment while letting you earn lucrative returns.

6. Psychology

Today, mental health issues are at an all-time high. Among other factors, the volatile economic conditions have created a layer of uncertainty, making people stressed about financial stability. Similarly, the excessive use of social media is making people more self-conscious, increasing depression rates.

If you wish to help people cope with mental health challenges, a career in psychology will be the best choice. You will learn about the biology of the brain, mental disorders, and factors that trigger a stress response. You will also understand the human mind’s cognition, intelligence, personality, and emotions and how they affect physical performance, enabling you to resolve human behavior problems.

7. Social Work

With problems such as spiking income inequality gaps, the demand for social workers is skyrocketing. If you like helping people overcome such challenges in their life, opt for a degree in social work. You can help people suffering from poverty, addiction, unemployment, substance abuse, disability, or domestic violence.

Alongside supporting them, social work degrees will train you to cooperate with them to create better living conditions. You can help them develop new skills which might change their mindset and encourage them to embrace a positive attitude. You can pick clinical or macro social work specializations to keep thriving.

Final Words

Nowadays, choosing a career has become more challenging than ever. After all, having so many career pathways and choices can confuse the students. Think of what you are good at and the fields that interest you. Students with incredible people skills and a drive to help others can opt for a degree in history, social, work, or psychology. You can also explore law, journalism, nursing, or environmental sciences to contribute to the betterment of communities.

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