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6 Reasons To Make Canada Your New Home

Canada is a country that has to offer way more than maple syrups, ice hockey, and Niagara Fall. Canada is hands down one of the friendliest and safest places to live in the world. So, if you find people getting excited to move to Canada, their excitement is totally justified. It is definitely a place worth living.

After all, who doesn’t like living in world-class cities and having super friendly neighbors saying sorry to you without getting into a fight (even when they are not at fault!).

With no surprise, according to the 2020 survey, Canada was ranked 9th on the list of the best countries to migrate to. So, no wonder the USA to Canada movers are increasing. You might be wondering what makes Canada such a popular country for immigrants? Don’t worry, after reading this blog, you might also end up visiting the Canadian Embassy’s site (thank us later!).

Here are a few great reasons to move to Canada for all the right reasons:

1. Quality of Life

Canada’s quality of life is unbeatable with so many forward-thinking benefits for the citizens. In a Global Liveability Survey, Canada’s three cities were able to make a space in the top ten list. From infrastructure, healthcare, education, and environment to stability, everything is available here in the finest quality.

On top of these basic quality indicators, Canadians love the work-life balance mantra. They don’t live to work. They live and work! So, you don’t have to worry about becoming a Jack with all work and no play while living in Canada because there is no such thing.

2. Stunning Landscape

If you are a nature lover, Canada is like heaven for you. If you are not, Canada will make you one. Canada has to offer some of the world’s most stunning landscapes and natural wonders. Yes, Niagara Fall is here, but that’s not the only natural attraction. After all, it’s the 2nd largest country in the world, so it has to offer so much to watch, cherish, and enjoy. From tropical rainforests, mountains, deserts to meadows, you can find something to please your eyes.

3. Culturally Diverse Place

Canada is a very embracing country. Since the 1970s, Canada has adopted the policy of multiculturalism and now it has become its identity. It is a melting pot of many cultures with each individual having the liberty to thrive while enjoying their own culture. Nobody will come and give remarks on your way of living.

As an expat, you don’t need to worry about acceptance and inclusion because you are encouraged to follow your beliefs, religion, culture, and language without feeling alien. While living here, you are a part of the big colorful cake with its own significance.

4. Strong Education System

The Canadian universities and education system is world-famous, with many universities falling under the list of top 100 universities. Every year Canada welcomes many international students because of its quality of education.

In fact, Canada has won many accolades due to its good education system with a firm grip on research and mental development. So, if you or your children get a degree from a Canadian university, you should rest assured that you will land a good job.

5. Safe Environment 

With many world countries being occupied by terrorism and other crimes, Canada enjoys a prestigious position as one of the safest countries in the world. Canadians are humble and good-natured people. So, the crime rate in Canada is the lowest.

After facing so many issues in the USA regarding citizens’ safety, you will find Canada heaven for you and your family. Racism? Not a word in the Canadian dictionary. So, no matter what your religion or culture is, you are safe here.

6. Thriving Economy

The Canadian economy has always been very firmly grounded. You will hardly ever hear its economy taking a dip. In fact, its GDP rankings perform better than many other developed countries, like Korea, Russia, Australia, etc. It is an industrial state with strong service, manufacturing, and natural resources industries that contribute to employment and economic stabilization.

So, living in a country with a thriving economy ensures that you will not have to face unemployment issues and get a good salary. 

Canada is a beautiful country, peacefully breathing in the corner of the world with all its goodness. It embraces all immigrants with equal fervor and value. So, if you are thinking of moving to another country, Canada makes a good option. It will not only make your life quality better but will give you plenty of reasons to smile and feel happier. Isn’t it what we all want from life? Canada has it!

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