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6 Ways You Can Make Money Using Procreate

Making money using Procreate has been a trending topic for the last couple of years. Once you have gotten to know how Procreate works, you can start making some money yourself! In this post, we will share with you 6 ways how you can start making money using Procreate, an iPad, and an apple pencil! So, if you would like to know how you can do that, keep on reading!

1. Create Clipart Packs

You can always make money by making clipart packs on Procreate and then sell them on any of the platforms like “Fiverr”, “Upwork”, or even “Etsy”. Basically, all you have to do is draw some elements, decorate them, then save them as a png.

You can then list them for sale online, users will then purchase them in order to use them for graphic design, illustration purposes, or digital planners. The limit is really your imagination! Brush Galaxy provides brushes and palettes that you can use to create elements with only one stroke!

2. Make Sticker Packs

This is one of the most common ways you can make money using procreate, the stickers you create can range from a very put together, hand-drawn, complicated sticker pack or just a simple one saying “Great” or “Keep Going”.

There are so many ways you can make stickers, you can either print your design and then cut it using a “Cricut” or a “Silhouette” machine, or upload them to a print on demand website like “Redbubble” and have them print it for you on demand whenever someone buys your sticker packs!

3. Be A Freelance Illustrator

Although you may face high competition when it comes to the graphic design market, it is still one of the money making hobbies that can bring you a decent income if you are talented with it. Just do your job properly and expand your knowledge to rise above the competition. Even if your specialty is adult business, there are still trustworthy platforms like Freelancersx to turn your skills into greater value.

If you have got the skills, you can always make money through illustrating. Ooh, but that is a long shot you say?! Well, maybe it was if you were trying to make money as an artist a long time ago. You wouldn’t really know where or how to market your art.

However, today you can start your career as a professional illustrator on the platforms we have mentioned above. You will really benefit from the organic traffic that each and every one of these websites have to offer. All you have to do is just pick a niche for your art. And start making a portfolio!

4. Utilize Merch by Amazon

Similar to creating and selling stickers, amazon offers to print your designs on demand whenever the buyer makes a purchase! All you have to do is design something cool in procreate. Make sure it’s big enough, then resize it according to the object that it is going to be printed on, whether it is a T-shirt or another product.

Don’t worry about sizing and so, Amazon has very clear rules that will not leave you wondering what you should do.

5. Graphic Design

You can also use Procreate for graphic design and content creation, whether it is for social media, YouTube, or a real-life brand! And again, list your services on a freelance website and you are ready to go!

6. Procreate Content

Given you are a pro at Procreate you can also make money by creating Procreate-related content, you can create a procreate handbook on how to use procreate and maybe have it published as an e-book or with Amazon’s KDP. You can also put together some procreate online courses and share them with the world! Just a heads up, you might need some social media following for this to work!

And those are the seven ways that we have to share with you how you can make money using Procreate on your iPad! We hope you found our tips helpful!

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