Make Yourself More Hirable

Top Ways to Make Yourself More Hirable

Wanting a dream job and landing that dream job are two entirely different beasts. It can be very frustrating to be stuck in a job that you don’t feel passionate about, doesn’t make you feel valued, and doesn’t seem to help you achieve your future goals. But getting a new and better job isn’t as easy as it sounds. If this situation sounds familiar and you’re feeling frustrated with where you’re at in life career-wise, here are some of the ways you can make yourself more hirable to employers.

It’s Time to Update Your Resume

Perhaps the easiest and best place to start is with your resume. This is the introduction that you’re presenting to potential employers. You need to be sure it hits the right notes, is professional and highlights all your important skills, qualifications and experience.

A good tip is to look at some sample resumes online so you can use them for inspiration. Sometimes all you need are a few minor tweaks to modernize your resume. Keep in mind it needs to be short, concise and should be customized for each job you apply for.

Open New Career Options with a Graduate Degree

Sometimes the problem is a lack of skills, training, and education. Many jobs require a minimum level of postsecondary education, and without it, your resume won’t even be considered. This could be a great time to look into the many online graduate degrees available. This is a way to further the education you’ve already obtained, making you more well-rounded and prepared in an employer’s eyes. It shows you’ve got the skills to bring to the table and that you would benefit any company or organization that hires you.

Keep in mind that earning a master’s degree doesn’t just open more career options; it also offers higher earning potential and career advancement and gives you a chance to feed your passion for growth.

You’ll Need to Show Flexibility

Rarely are situations “perfect”, especially in the workplace. This means you need to show a certain degree of flexibility. Although you may not land your dream job right away, consider any offer you get and weigh the pros and cons carefully. Is it a job that can potentially lead to your dream role later on?

Hiring managers also look for signs of flexibility as it means you’ll be an asset in the company, thereby making you more hirable.

Follow News and Trends in Your Preferred Industry

To help broaden your knowledge and up your game, you’ll want to follow the news and trends that relate to your preferred industry. This can help you when it comes to the interview part of a potential new job. Understanding the industry you are trying to get into makes you a valuable employee.

Sure, it’s possible to land a dream job by fluke, but the odds of that happening are likely extremely small. Instead, it’s about making things happen and making sure you’ve got what it takes to be deemed hirable in the eyes of employers.

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