making pool safe from electrical hazards

4 Tips for Making Your Pool Safe from Electrical Hazards

Electricity and water are two things that don’t go together. Electricity hazards near or in the water may be something that you’re unable to see, but nonetheless can be equally hazardous. For this reason, if you own a pool and want to install certain electrical appliances nearby, such as an electric barbeque, you need to be extra cautious.

There are some rules and tips you must follow to keep you, your family, and your beloved pets away from such electrical hazards. Regardless, it’s often recommended to stay safe by not keeping any electrical appliances near your pool.

So, to keep your loved ones safe from the unexpected, it’s best to incorporate the following techniques and tips that can make your pool safer.

1. Avoid Keeping Appliances Near the Pool

It’s best to keep your electrical appliances away from the pool, especially those appliances that are not designed to work in the pool, like a television or radio. They could fall into the pool, making the water dangerous. If someone enters the pool and touches the metal ladder or net handle, they might get electrocuted.

Moreover, appliances made especially for pools could also pose some health hazards if their wires are frayed or exposed to the water. Keep at least 2 meters distance between the pool and any electrical appliances to be safe from the start.

2. Beware Of Pool Wiring

We get it; underwater pool lights are visually appealing and the best thing you can have at a pool party. But, if the bulbs are cracked or defectively sealed, they could cause the electric current to enter the water, conducting electrical energy throughout the pool’s body. This could cause harm.

If the bulbs are of cheap quality or not properly installed, they could be a health hazard. It’s recommended to conduct frequent checks to ensure the bulbs or the lights are working fine, and there is no loophole for the electrical current to enter the water.

If you feel like there is a fault in your underwater lighting system, get it repaired as soon as possible and avoid entering the pool until the lighting is repaired.

3. Say No To Extension Cords

Resist using electrical appliances that run on cords rather than batteries near the pool. It could take just one splash for the water to penetrate your appliance. The water inside the appliance could damage it and it only takes one minor fault for the current to enter the water and electrocute someone.

So, instead of extension cords and extension leads, use battery-operated appliances near or in the pool. This would not only keep you away from the hazard but would also help you consume less electricity. You can visit Electricity Wizard for such tips.

4. Cover The Pool During Storm or Lightning

A tip of caution- never enter the pool during a lightning storm. The lightning could strike the pool within seconds. The electrical current produced could be a thousand times stronger than what is produced by your normal electrical appliances. In short, the results could be instant, so it’s best to stay away from the pool during lightning, no matter what.

Summing Up

While it seems really relaxing to get submerged in the pool with your portable TV right in front of you, it could be highly fatal. It’s best to follow the tips mentioned above and teach your kids something about pool safety. Make sure you ask them not to enter the pool without adult supervision. The same should apply to your pets.

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