How To Manifest Love Using The Law Of Attraction

Everyone wants to feel love. It’s human nature.

But while we all long for that warm and fuzzy feeling, it isn’t always the most easily achieved.

Many of us spend our whole lives looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right. We turn to the dating app, relationship counseling and more in the hopes of our fairytale ending.

But what if I told you that you could start manifesting that fairytale today with a few simple steps.

What is Manifestation anyway?

Manifestation is a self-help strategy intended to help one achieve success with personal goals.

Relying on the Law of Attraction, manifestation works primarily by focusing on one’s thoughts and feelings.

When it comes to love, manifestation is a simple and powerful way to start attracting the things that we want.

Love is right around the corner. I’ve written this article to help get you started on your manifestation journey and hopefully achieve a love-filled, healthy life.

How It Works

Before you can start practicing any manifesting techniques, it’s important to first get yourself into a mindset for receiving.

This means recognizing the reasons that you have not found love thus far, and making yourself more open to the possibility of such in the future.

Start to think about what you do and don’t want out of a relationship.

You may find that you’ve lost hope (consciously or subconsciously), or unhealed wounds from your past that have prevented you from opening yourself up in the present.

Ask yourself a few of the following questions to get you started:

  • What are the top 3 traits you look for in a partner?
  • What are the top 3 traits you can offer to a partner?
  • What do you think are the hardest parts of a relationship?
  • How have your past relationships affected you?

For most of us, a lack of love or romance is due to our own mindset.

Considering questions like these will help you start to recognize some of the reasons why you may be having a difficult time, and subsequently shift your perspective.

Manifestation Exercises for Love


Similar to compliments, affirmations are positive words or phrases used to uplift a person or shift their mindset into a more healthy place.

When used consistently and properly, affirmations have the power to attract an abundance of love into our lives through the Law of Attraction.

To get you started, here are some of my personal favorite affirmations for attracting love.

  • “My heart is open and ready to receive another.”
  • “I deserve happy, healthy, and abundant love.”
  • “I allow myself to be loved by someone special.”
  • “I am open and ready for true love to enter my life.”
  • “I am learning to love myself more and more every day.”
  • “I am grateful for the love that is around me.”
  • “I spread love with my words, actions, and life.”

Repeat one or more of these affirmations to yourself throughout the day to realign your energy.

It’s important to remember, affirmations are only one part of manifestation and work better when implemented with a variety of different approaches.

So don’t stop here. Keep reading to see what methods resonate most with you.


If you’re looking to increase the energy of love into your life, crystals are a great and powerful way to do so.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “there’s no such thing as magic potions or rocks.”

And that might be true.

But what is also true is that crystals emit natural energies that have strong healing and attracting capabilities.

So learning a bit more about them and the way to positively charge them can be a great way to help promote love and romance into your life.

Rose Quartz, for example, is known as the ultimate stone for attracting love and support.

Traditionally called the Heart Stone, Rose Quartz is known to attract unconditional love for both the owner and those in their life.

Before using any crystal for manifestation, it’s important to cleanse the stone of any previously held energies or charges.

This can be done by sitting the stone on your windowsill overnight during a full moon, or by soaking it in a bowl of saltwater.

Once your crystal is cleansed, you can begin charging it with your intention.

Hold the rose quartz in your hand and repeat one of the affirmations we discussed above.

After you’ve repeated the affirmation a few times with the stone in your hand, place it in your pocket, or on a piece of jewelry.

How you decide to wear the stone is not important; as long as you keep it close to your being.

Other stones that have been said to attract love are Green Aventurine and Amethyst.

Vision Board

Vision boards are a great way to start manifesting, well, anything.

They are a physical representation of what you want out of life. Love, home, a family, whatever it may be.

They are always a great way to get crafty and ease your mind in times of stress.

To begin your vision board, start collecting things that represent your goals. This can be pictures, quotes, mementos, or words.

When manifesting love, the physical items you pick don’t necessarily matter, as long as they represent something to you.

Once you’ve got a good collection going, start sticking or pasting them to your vision board.

You can do this however you choose, but get creative! You’re going to hang this on your wall to look at each and every day. So create something that you want to see!

Mantra Meditation

Without a clear mind and heart, it is nearly impossible to attract love into your life.

When our minds are cluttered, there is no room for the happiness and romance that we truly desire.

Meditating, however, is a great way to improve focus, concentration, and peace of mind; all of which are essential attributes when welcoming love into your life.

For beginners, there are a ton of different guided practices out there to help you get more comfortable starting your journey.

If you’d like to strengthen and specify your practice, you may wish to implement mantras.

Mantras are sounds or phrases formed from ancient Sanskrit syllables. When used during meditation practices, these sacred sounds are said to have a profound influence on the mind, body and spirit.

Known as the Mantra for attraction, implementing the “Kleem Mantra” into your meditation can be a powerful way to bring love and romance into your life.

The Mantra consists of four syllables and ought to be listened to or chanted during meditation for the recommended minimum of 108 times daily.

Begin in a comfortable seated position, repeating Kleemmm Kleemmm Kleemmm slowly on each breath, stretching the sound of the ‘m.’

So as you continue on your journey towards love, try implementing some of these practices.

But remember, as great as relationships are. Self-love is the most important thing.

Until you are able to properly assess your own habits, mindset, and beliefs; it will be very difficult to find the right partner.

Further, there is no one-size-fits-all tool for manifestation. Different things work for different people and thus, it’s important to try a few and see what resonates with you.

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