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6 Must-Have Meeting Room Kits

A company meeting or a business meeting is definitely the occasion on which employees from the different sectors of the company, along with the respective managers come together to make decisions about something major in the company.

According to a recent study, almost 11 million meetings occur during any given day. Poorly organized meetings are also expensive and according to Doodle’s 2019 study, the accountability pertaining to poorly arranged meetings reached almost $399 billion in the US alone.

Companies were used to holding physical meetings that required gathering around a table with the supreme boss, giving presentations, and talking out business face to face. But in this post-pandemic era, the dynamic has totally changed, with maximum companies supporting a remote or a partially-remote crew to operate.

Thus, to operate like this, companies need to invest in superior quality devices to smoothly facilitate the online-offline meeting, without any disturbance.

Here are six must-have meeting room kits, to make your meetings more fluent and smoother with the help of technology:

1. Invest in technology that your employees would actually need

Before you start pouring money into Conference room equipment, make sure to take a survey and research about what are the devices that are actually useful inside a meeting room, so that the working process continues without any disturbance. While you’re at it, consider the following points below:

  • Make a note of all the equipment that you would really need and keep a record.
  • Check whether you’re running into issues regarding audio and video while in a meeting, soon. If not, then you most probably do not need any replacement.
  • Double-check the connectivity during the ongoing meeting and if an employee is facing any trouble, then try to help him with an improved connection.

2. Make a standard for technology across the board

Double-check that every employee in your company has access to every meeting room. A standard technology across all conference rooms helps you prevent employee misunderstandings and other corporate dysfunctions.

Even when things go wrong in two or more meeting rooms, there won’t be any confusion regarding its repair, because they would belong to a single standard and thus, will make things more convenient.

3. Make sure the audio is crystal clear

In this online-offline period of work, while half of your workforce is in front of you, you have to keep in mind that the other half is behind the screens. Most video conferences face the problem of unclear audio and thus result in delayed work procedures.

Make sure you invest in the best quality audio devices and mics, so that the employees listening from the video chat, can hear whatever is being discussed clearly. Check out as they might have a few options that can interest you.

4. Make Presentations easy

Even though this pandemic has stopped people from coming to their offices, it hasn’t stopped the companies and their employees from continuing with the presentation processes. Make presenting, and presentations more convenient with the help of MS Teams and their cutting-edge features.

They have made content sharing so easy and you’re only a click away from presenting your PPTs. Plus, Teams also has a feature called “Whiteboard” which allows you to explain something remotely directly in the meeting.

5. Invest in a Conference room calendar

Again, with teams, meetings can be scheduled beforehand without the possibility of being confused. Teams have a wonderful electronic calendar, which records all your meetings on the respective days and also gives an alert as to when your meeting will start.

This feature of Teams eliminates any scope of misunderstandings and even if an employee fails to attend the meeting, you won’t be responsible.

6. Double-check that connecting personal device are easy

Sometimes situations occur when due to some technical issues, employees have to log in to a meeting with their own personal devices.

Therefore, make sure to use software that is compatible with all sorts of devices, that is, mobiles, laptops, tablets and so on. This will make the whole process more smooth and hassle-free.

Over to you…

Even if you are investing in the top-rated software and devices for your meeting room, make sure to first train your employees on how to handle the software and devices so that frequent damages and disruptions can be avoided.

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