35 Best Men’s Haircuts: Pick the Right Style for You

Having a haircut that suits your face can change your life. In fact, most men who worry about whether they’re handsome or not are actually just trim away from looking dapper.

A good haircut also affects how people perceive you. Those with messy hair tend to be seen as lazy and/or irresponsible, whereas crew cuts make a person seem more disciplined and serious. Let us go through the different men’s haircuts and how to pick one that suits you best.

30 Different Names of Men’s Haircuts

There are at least 30 known varieties of men’s haircuts, each having multiple variations. For instance, you can get a bowl haircut with long hair at the top and faded sides or a bowl haircut with short hair.

In no particular order, these are 30 of the most popular male hairstyles today:

• Crew cut
• Blowout
• Bowl cut
• Disconnected undercut
• Dreadlocks
• Buzzcut
• Fade and taper
• Caesar cut
• Comb-over
• Man braid
• Faux hawk
• French crop
• Man bun
• Mid fade
• Fringe
• High fade
• Ivy league
• Low fade
• Military haircut
• Side part
• Mohawk
• Pompadour
• Quiff
• Shaved sides
• Spiky
• Taper fade
• Topknot
• Short back and sides
• Undercut
• Slicked back

The most popular male haircuts at the moment are short back and sides, undercut, slick back, fades, and pompadour.

15 Different Types of Men’s Haircuts

There are a number of ways to groom your hair, be it long or short. Here are some of the different haircuts you can try out based on your hair length.

· Short Haircuts

Short haircuts have arguably been the most traditional look for men. It looks neat and is easy to style.

#1. Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut men


Image source: Pinterest

A buzz cut is an easy-to-maintain haircut that is often associated with the military because they also crop their hair less than an inch short. You can give yourself a buzz cut at home with a set of clippers, but if you want side fades it’s probably best to go to a barber.

#2. Crew Cut

Crew Cut

Image source: Pinterest

A crew cut is like a buzz cut but with thicker sides and works best for those with a square jaw. It’s easier to give yourself a crew cut at home with a set of clippers set to a length, because you need to achieve even length all the way around.

#3. Short Side-Part

Short Side-Part

Image source: Pinterest

The side partition haircut looks good for all hair lengths but is best accentuated with short hair. This haircut, however, requires some maintenance. You’ll need to visit the barber every month.

#4. Caesar Cut

Caesar Cut

Image source: Pinterest

Named after the legendary Roman Consul and military general Julius Caesar, the Caesar cut is still relevant today. It’s basically a crew cut but with longer hair that slightly frames your forehead. For a more modern version, you can taper fade your sides.

#5. Near Bald

Near Bald

Image source: Pinterest

Tall muscular men have a better chance of pulling this off. The best part — it’s a zero-maintenance and zero-cost haircut.

· Medium-length Haircuts

Medium-length hair is usually between 2 and 5 inches long. The fact that it’s long but not too long makes medium-length hair the most versatile in terms of the number of ways it can be cut. Here are some of the best medium-length haircuts trending today.

#6. Bowl Cut

Bowl Cut

Image source: Pinterest

Bowl haircuts might remind you of the Beatles. It’s a look that’s often associated with the past but has made a come around in the 21st century. There are a number of modern styles that can really make this look work for you.

#7. Low Fade Haircut

Low Fade

Image source: Pinterest

Trendy, timeless, and arguably the most common fade. The fading starts just above the ears and goes down to the neckline. It makes haircuts look fresh and finished on the sides and back and can be applied to long or short hair.

#8. Fringe with Layers

Fringe with Layers

Image source: Pinterest

A fringe is a laid-back and youthful haircut with some layers. It is often worn by teen male celebrities on TV shows. It’s charming and doesn’t need much work to maintain or style. You could simply comb it over.

#9. High fade Haircut

High fade

Image source: Pinterest

High fades begin all the way at the top and put a strong emphasis on the style of the top hair since there’s barely any on the sides. High fades can be combined with pompadours, blowouts quiffs, and a bunch of different hairstyles to make them trendier.

#10. Hard Part

Hard Part

Image source: Pinterest

A hard part is a haircut you can combine with a variety of styles such as the pompadour, quiff, or a combover. You’ll probably need to use hair gel or visit your barber to get a hard partition done if your hair doesn’t naturally part from either side.

· Long Haircuts

A head of full fair represents good health and genes but grooming it can be a high-maintenance task. The ideal hairstyle for short, medium-length, or long hair is one that’s supported by the natural texture of our hair. Here are some exciting long hairstyles for both shoulder-length hair and long hair.

#11. Shaved Sides

Shaved Sides

Image source: Pinterest

Shaved sides look cool with any length of hair. You can style your top hair into a bun or just let it down your shoulders. It’s a much cleaner look for guys with long hair because it doesn’t cover their ears.

#12. Shoulder-Length Side Part

Shoulder-Length Side

Image source: Pinterest

This haircut will add maturity to your look. Create a deep side part with a larger section of your hair swept over on one side. This will also add more volume to your hair.

#13. Long Hair with Bangs

with Bangs

Image source: Pinterest

This requires some additional styling so your hair doesn’t just fall over your face. You could comb the bangs slightly to the side so it only covers part of your forehead.

#14. Back Sweep

Back Sweep

Image source: Pinterest

Trying not to go too overboard? This is the perfect look for you — don’t cut your hair at all; just sweep it all back. It’s preferable that you have at least shoulder-length hair to really sell this casual but sporty look.

#15. Layered Cut

Layered Cut

Image source: Pinterest

This is where all hair layers are of a different length. It’s an incredibly versatile cut for long hair because it can be styled in a number of ways.

20 Different Styles of Men’s Haircuts

There is a correct haircut for every occasion and for the personality you’re trying to sell. There are a number of additional styles you can apply to your haircut, be it short, medium-length, or long that can accentuate your personality.

· Fades

Fades have become a popular and modern look for men over the past 10 years. What makes fades look cool is the illusion it creates of hair fading into nothing or slowly disappearing. Some people like to add zigzags and patterns for extra drip.

Here are some of the ways you can experiment with fades.

#1. Skin Fade Haircut

Skin Fade

Image source: Pinterest

Hairdressers might also call this zero fades and men love it because it makes them look like bad boys. But it’s also called the skin fade because it cuts the hair very close to your scalp. It’s a clean look that gives excellent contrast to your top hair and is easy to maintain.

#2. Faux Hawk Fade

Faux Hawk

Image source: Pinterest

Faux Hawk Fades are edgy and often associated with punk rock and metal. The hair on the top is styled to stand straight upward and adjusted into spikes while on the side you could have a high, low, or tapered fade. It’s a style that can be applied to short, medium, and long hair.

#3. Comb Over Fade

Comb Over

Image source: Pinterest

A comb over fade is a fashionable and handsome look. It requires men’s haircuts to be parted and the top hair to be combed either to the side or back down for a more classic appeal.

· Popular

If blending in is all your heart desires, then here are the most popular styles worn by men across the world.

#4. Comb Over

Comb Over

Image source: Pinterest

There are many ways to wear the look uniquely, such as with fades, layers, or undercuts. It’s most popular with medium and short-length hair.

#5. Tousled


Image source: Pinterest

The “I just got up from bed” look is also starting to grow more popular. Its beauty rests in its effortlessness. If you have naturally wavy or messy hair, you don’t really need to do anything, but if your hair is straight, you can achieve this look with the help of wax.

#6. Blowout


Image source: Pinterest

Similar to tousled, a blowout achieves the messy effect of wind blowing against your hair. You can do this at home with a hairdryer and some pomade.

#7. Quiff


Image source: Pinterest

Quiffs are more formal and polished. You might need to use styling gel to settle your hair, brush it up to create a defined wave. This style is best suited for guys with medium-length hair.

· Classic

They’re classics because these styles never go out of fashion. Here are some of the best hairstyles in the world, because they have remained relevant across time and space.

#8. French Crop

French Crop

Image source: Pinterest

French crops can suit men of all face shapes and is a very low-maintenance hairstyle. It’s a style that has seen a significant resurgence lately. The hair on your top is styled to create a small fringe that can also be worn messy.

#9. Side Partition

Side Partition

Image source: Pinterest

This might be the hairstyle you’re most familiar with. Popular in the 1920s and 1960s, it has made a comeback as an easier alternative to slicking your hair back. Ask your barber to create a side partition and slick your top hair either to the left or right.

#10. Pompadour


Image source: Pinterest

You can’t get any more classic than with pompadour — remember Elvis Presley? To get this look, you need to grow your hair at least 3 inches in the front. Get your barber to style it for you with some product. Classic pompadours look best with short to medium-length hair.

· Business

A sharp haircut is crucial for making lasting impressions in the business world. Some companies also have a decorum for how they want their employees to present themselves. These are some everyday business haircuts you can wear that will do the job.

#11. Slicked Back

Slicked Back

Image source: Pinterest

If you have particularly messy or wavy hair that you want to fix quickly, you can slick it back with the help of wax. Slicked back hair present orderliness and professionalism.

#12. Ivy League

Ivy League

Image source: Pinterest

They’re called ivy-league cuts because they’re often associated with a hairstyle that’s been popular among graduates at the best schools in America. It’s slightly longer than the crew cut, just barely long enough to side part the top of your hair.

#13. Man Bun

Man Bun

Image source: Pinterest

You can look every bit as professional with long hair too, you just need the right grooming. Wearing your hair back, tied strongly into a man bun is a pristine and clean look that also ensures your hair doesn’t clash with your suit.

· For Older Men

There are a number of things you can still do to pull off your receding hairline.

#14. Bald


Image source: Pinterest

Sometimes it’s actually best not to cling to scraps when you’re going bald anyway. Especially if you have a facial structure that looks much better bald.

#15. Messy French Crop

Messy French

Image source: Pinterest

Another way to make the best of what seems like a bad situation, French crops feed right into the receding hairline. Combine this with a salt and pepper beard and you might find you look better today than ever before.

· For Black Men

Black males tend to have a coarser texture to their hair that can be actually presented in a litany of artistic ways.

#16. Highlighted Curls

Highlighted Curls

Image source: Pinterest

Long hairstyles are not limited to men with straight and silky hair but also wavy and curly as long as you go with the right style. If you’ve been blessed with tight curls, hit the salon to color in the ends of your curls. It’s the perfect look for artistic types.

#17. Dreadlocks


Image source: Pinterest

Dreadlocks have been a suave and classic look for black men across time. A lot of popular mainstream artists sport their beautiful dreadlocks with pride.

· Celebrity Inspired Haircuts

Celebrities play a huge role in reviving old trends or setting new trends. Here are two examples of celebrities who are almost more famous for their hair than anything.

#18. Kit Harington (Game of Thrones)

Kit Harington

Image source: Pinterest

You might remember Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. His curly hair worn down his side became quite the rage. It’s a tricky look to achieve, but with the right hairstylist, you can. This style goes really well with a full beard.

#19. Leonardo DiCaprio (Titanic)

Leonardo DiCaprio

Image source: Pinterest

In the ’90s, Leonardo Dicaprio’s perfectly partitioned and combed over, thick lustrous hair in Titanic became iconic. It’s a style young men try to emulate to this day.

#20. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

Image source: Pinterest

Brad Pitt’s fight club hairstyle is a classic fringe with short sides and an easy-to-achieve hairstyle with short hair. The sides and backs are combed down and the part in the middle is set up into wavy, uneven spikes.

Haircuts for Different Face Shapes

Your face shape matters a great deal when choosing a haircut. But whether you have an oval, rectangle, triangular, round, heart, square, or diamond-shaped face, there are numerous haircuts for them all.

How to Choose the Right Haircut for You?

• Oval face: Short quiff, buzz-cut, shaved head, pompadour.
• Square face: Undercut, side-partition, short with spikes.
• Heart Face: Textured fringe, dimensional quiff.
• Diamond Face: Angular fringe, Low fade, French crop.
• Round Face: Pompadour, quiff, side partition.
• Rectangle face: Ivy-league, short with spikes.

How to Cut Your Hair at Home for Men?

While it’s recommended that you let someone else cut your hair because they have the vantage point of being able to observe your face from all angles, you can still do it at home yourself following these simple steps.

#1. Wash your hair before you cut it.

#2. Use a comb to detangle your hair and straighten it out the best you can.

#3. Gently squeeze out excess water with a towel, but leave the hair damp.

#4. Make sure you have a mirror in front of you.

#5. Section your hair into parts with a comb.

#6. Use a pair of clippers with length adjusters and start with cutting the back and sides.

#7. Use a pair of scissors to style the top and try to do it again in sections.

#8. Shave your sideburns to your desired length. Have another look, you might want to get a hand mirror to check your back.

Here’s a proper video tutorial to help you get started.


Most Popular Hair Stylists for Men in the United States

When you’re a stylist to the celebrities, you know you have entered the ranks of the best in the world of hairdressing. These are some of the most popular hairstylists that only work with stars.

1. Jose Eber

Jose Eber

Image source: Pinterest

Jose Eber is one of the most well-known names in hairstyling in the United States. His rise to fame began in the ’70s when he styled Elizabeth Taylor, Cher, and Farrah Fawcett. He owns salons across the US and Dubai.

2. Chris Mcmillan

Chris Mcmillan

Image source: Pinterest

Chris Mcmillan became known for styling Jennifer Aniston’s famous hairstyle from the hit ’90s sitcom FRIENDS and remains a prolific hairstylist and influencer today.

3. Harry Josh

Harry Josh

Image source: Pinterest

Harry Josh is an actor and famous hairstylist known well in the US for the number of models he has worked with.

How to Fix a Bad Haircut?

Got a bad haircut? Don’t worry, we can’t all afford America’s best. But you can fix your haircut yourself. Here’s what can help:

· Try A New Cut/Barber

It might be awkward but if your haircut is important to you, as it should be, it’s okay to confront your hairdresser and let them know you are unsatisfied with their work. All you might need is a different cut, but if that doesn’t work out either, it might be time to change your barber.

· Shave It Off

If it’s a really bad crisis, total elimination might be the quickest way to avert disaster. As a pro-tip, you should stock up on some hats.

· Wait It Out

It’s true, new cuts don’t always look good on day one. You might be better off just waiting it out for a week or two before taking any decisive action.

A Few Parting Words

Arguably, at least 50% of your attractiveness comes from how well you keep and style your hair. This may seem daunting, but you don’t need to be a style or popular culture expert to pick out the best look for you. There are loads of men’s haircuts to choose from for any kind of face. Hopefully, this guide gave you a better idea of which haircut will suit you best.

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