migration from woocommerce to shopify

Benefits And Steps Of Migration From WooCommerce To Shopify

Shopify and WooCommerce are the two well-known and leading online platforms widely used to build e-commerce websites. They both come with a variety of handy features like usability and credibility, but choosing the right one depends on business merchants’ different needs and preferences. 

Additionally, you can enjoy the advantages of Shopify’s clean user interface and effective functions. Additionally, this is a hosted platform, meaning it benefits more from Shopify Plus benefits like reliability, scalability, and enterprise-level security (for example, PCI compliance and automatic backups). And if you are looking forward to switching from WooCommerce to Shopify, this may be the right decision for you and your eCommerce business. 

Successful migration of your online store requires precision in moving all products, customers and orders. The data should also be saved, as this will greatly speed up the onboarding process.

We propose to consider the entire process of migrating data from WooCommerce to the Shopify platform, and also make sure that this move is necessary.

Let’s discover some benefits which can prove that the migration is a good idea

The below benefits can help you feel confident in making the switch. However, it is important to understand that switching won’t immediately increase your sales. You have to work hard at it, like you would on any other website. If you’re ever struggling you can reach out to shopify experts who can help you make the right decisions in terms of setting your site up and implementing the proper SEO (search engine optimization) actions for your website.

  • Shopify is one of the most popular platforms nowadays.
  • The size of Shopify is three times bigger than WooCommerce.
  • It is completely free.
  • This platform is open source, so it gives you the ability to control your site, as well as change and adjust it to your vision when necessary.
  • Wide and flexible range of tools, which provides personalization and creativity.
  • The presence of a community that is an assistant in the field of customer support or innovative ideas.
  • The ability to either manually add new products to the collection, or create automated categories for fast and efficient product classification (for example, classify products based on their titles, tags, price, etc.)
  • The ability to connect live chats.
  • Reporting can be both by default and on individual requests (using filtering and editing).
  • The platform automatically generates and sends emails to customers to complete ordering.

The fact is that the WooCommerce module itself has serious and big limitations, but at the same time it offers options for add-ons and third-party applications that, in theory, will be able to scale the site.

This option is not bad for a business in the initial stages, however, due to the desired growth, WooCommerce quickly becomes an inconvenient builder. In addition, this platform has no direct, dedicated support.

Shopify is built in a way that allows the company to expand while still using the platform easily. This tool is designed for enterprise growth and has a comprehensive solution for companies of various types and levels. After subscribing to Shopify, users instantly have access to a huge library of custom project templates, sales tools, payment processing technologies, and many more.

Transferring data from WooCommerce to Shopify can be stressful as the fear of losing data is very high. There is a desire to have an easy and unhindered path to the new platform.

If you want your migration from WooCommerce to Shopify to be successful and safe, then you should contact a team of specialists who can help you.

Here are a few steps to migrate your data successfully

1. Export information from WooCommerce:



Select all content

Download Export File

2. Import file to Shopify:


Import Store

Choose the file from WooCommerce


3. Analyze the transferred data. If any fragments were missed, they can be added manually.

However, when migrating data by yourself, you may encounter a number of possible technical issues. A lot of time can be spent on solving them, as a result, you will miss the chance to develop your business.

Shopify website maintenance is very painstaking and difficult work. A good solution, which will make this process easier, is to contact a professional team. Specialists can analyze, upgrade, monitor and again analyze the whole process in your website. You will be able to save your time and direct it to the main goal of the company.

Moving from one platform to another can be a long and stressful process. However, if you have been frustrated with one platform or missed the features you want, then you should choose the most optimized eCommerce platform – Shopify. This mechanism is worth the effort and investment, as it ensures the competitiveness of the company and allows you to be the market’s leader.

Plus Shopify comes with a lot of advantages and the one main advantage is Shopify apps to optimize your online store. Shopify offers some great apps like Oberlo, Tada and more that not only help with store optimization but also help in increasing sales and conversions. Apps like Tada offer fun ways and games to keep your visitors engaged and win in exchange of their email addresses. This wheel of fortune app will help increase subscribers by 500% and sales by 135% for sure.

Another app we should be talking about that you can utilize to improve your Shopify store is Trident AB. Trident AB is one of the best A/B testing tools that you can add to your ecommerce store to improve your website conversion rates. Trident comes with an easy-to-use editor that allows you to use A/B testing to find the perfect combination of elements on your website to convert the customers.

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