Modern Home Décor

Top Tips for Modern Home Décor

Perhaps you are planning to move into an apartment or house, and you are somewhat dissatisfied with the décor and current layout.

Alternatively, maybe you have grown bored and frustrated with the current aesthetic and stylistic elements of the property you have been living in for decades and are looking to update.

Regardless of your motivation, here are four top tips for modern home décor and design.

1. Upgrade the Radiators

Often entirely forgotten by amateur interior designers, radiators do not have to fade into the background and instead can actually become one of the focal points of the space.

Check out the extensive range of stylish yet surprisingly affordable radiators and heated towel rails from and see for yourself how truly impressive the change a new radiator can make to the overall aesthetic of any room.

Additionally, you may also add a radiation cover for safety, temperature regulation, and reduced dust accumulation, as this will help you minimize maintenance costs. By choosing the perfect radiator cover that aligns with your unique taste and preferences, you not only enhance its visual appeal but also introduce a noteworthy upgrade to the overall aesthetics of your living space.

2. Modern Flooring

There is, of course, something still to be said for soft carpets underfoot, especially in the bedroom and on the top landing when you step out of the shower, but if you are focused on achieving a more modern design aesthetic, then it is time to change it up.

Modern flooring essentially means doing away with the carpets throughout the property and instead choosing hardwood flooring or, for a more affordable option, a strong and durable vinyl option.

There are a great deal of advantages to choosing hardwood flooring over carpet, including:

• A higher level of hygiene
• Far cheaper to maintain, repair, and clean
• A timeless and upscale option
• A much longer life span than carpet
• A way to increase the overall value of your property

3. Geometric Wallpaper

The trick, if you will, when it comes to choosing the right paintwork or wallpaper for your new modern decor and design framework is to find the perfect balance between bold geometric prints but still maintain crisp and clean lines at the same time.

For example, in the living room, you could choose an incredibly sharp and simple coffee table for the center of the space and then add a splash of color and texture with geometric printed linens over the top.

The same rule applies to virtually any other item of furniture in a space designed with modernism in mind, such as a plain, simple couch design with more ostentatious geometric cushions and throws.

4. Statement Light Fixtures & Fittings

The fourth and final main focal point to concentrate on when planning a modern home is to only choose simplistic yet statement lighting fixtures and fittings.

Firstly, make sure you are maximizing the volume of natural light from windows, doors, and skylights in each room, and what is more, especially in smaller or more cramped rooms, strategically place one or more mirrors on the wall for the light to bounce off.

If you are feeling particularly bold, you could also invest in a beautiful chandelier for the ceiling of the hallway or in the center of the living room ceiling, just as long as the design is simple and smooth rather than too ornate.

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