5 Modern Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

A kitchen is an integral part of a household. A lot depends on how you can make your kitchen accessible and functional. Many homeowners today focus on having an outdoor kitchen, with many people moving their entertainment outdoors. 

To begin, you will need to be sure you have what you need to set up an outdoor kitchen. Depending on the scale of your kitchen, you may need to install a gas line, electric, and plumbing. 

For example, this kitchen is equipped with a propane grill and a mini-fridge. All you need is a propane tank and an outlet to plug the fridge into for this setup. For a more elaborate design, you may need to pull permits.

1. Create a Vibrant Seating Area

An outdoor kitchen without a vibrant seating area is incomplete. Regardless of your space, you’ll want an outdoor dining area to make the most of dining al fresco. If you’re in the market to buy a teak outdoor dining set, look for one that will be large enough to host your family and guests.

2. Incorporate Storage

When creating a modern outdoor kitchen, it’s a good idea to have plenty of storage space to hide any unsightly tanks, cords, and other kitchen necessities. In addition, having an additional cabinet outside allows you to spend more time cooking outdoors during summers rather than carrying things back and forth from inside.

3. Blend With Nature

If you already have a small garden in the backyard, why not use that and incorporate nature into your outdoor kitchen. For example, you can use wooden cabinets or natural stone to blend seamlessly with your kitchen area. In addition, you can add some potted plants in and around the kitchen area or grow some herbs and veggies that you can use while cooking your meals. 

4. Go Stainless Steel

An outdoor kitchen has to manage and withstand changing weather conditions. Stainless steel is rust and corrosion resistant; therefore, it can handle any climate change. Also, if you are a messy chef, you would want to look for stainless steel cabinets and kitchen tools that are easy to clean and resist fingerprints.

5. Use One of Your Exterior Walls

When running short on space to create an outdoor kitchen, you can use one of your home’s exterior walls to give it height and dimension. Then, you can use that wall to set up your cabinets, add hooks to hang utensils or create a vertical garden space to make your outdoor kitchen look better. 

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