The Most Anticipated Games Of 2023: Top Games For PC And Consoles

In the coming year, the gaming industry has prepared for players a lot of interesting releases. Among the expected releases are sequels of cult series, remakes, and original projects. Some of them are already available for purchase, while others are yet to appear in stores. Here are the top 12 games of 2023 for PC and consoles. If you want to follow the latest news, visit

Dead Space Remake

Dead Space is a classic sci-fi horror game. In 2023, the popular title is back with a new engine. EA Motive presented the already familiar story in a new wrapper.

Engineer Isaac Clarke and his comrades are sent to the Ishimura space station, where an emergency situation has occurred. Upon arrival, the hero discovers that the entire crew has been killed and the ship has been taken over by monstrous necromorphs. Hoping to find out what happened on the Ishimura, Isaac takes up arms.

The main advantage of the remake is that it is extremely detailed. EA Motive did a great job on the lighting and sound design. The atmosphere of desolation, combined with the detailing of the environment and the necromorphs themselves contribute to a full immersion in the gameplay. The title has received high marks from both critics and fans of the original horror. This game you can also download these from popular torrent sites, for example from the pirate bay, which enjoys great popularity among users and is considered a pioneer in the field of torrent sites. 

Dead Island 2

One of the most anticipated and definitely the bloodiest games of the year is the long-running Dead Island 2. The zombie shooter is finally ready for release and is already available for pre-order. Gamers will find themselves in the middle of Los Angeles, engulfed in a virus. The epidemic turns the locals into the walking dead. And the few survivors, among which are the protagonists, need to find shelter and reveal the cause of what has happened.

The main feature of Dead Island 2 is a realistic system of dissection. The damage to your opponents is visually represented. Your enemies’ arms get torn off, their knees cracked, their entrails spurt and blood come out. And variety in zombie mopping up brings customizable weapons and skill decks. Boredom will not have to be bored.

Baldur’s Gate 3

The cult RPG in the Dungeons and Dragons setting is finally getting ready for a full-fledged release. For more than two years the third Baldur’s Gate is in early access. All this time the title has been available only for PC. And, by the way, it has managed to collect more than fifty thousand positive reviews on Steam. And at the end of next summer the RPG owners will be able to next-gen console from Sony.

The action of the game unfolds in the setting of the Forgotten Realms. In the brain, the protagonist settles a larva illithid – monster known as “mind tearer. Now the hero must resist the monster within him. Or succumb to the allure of evil and become the devil in the flesh.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, gamers will experience an abundance of options: single-player and online gameplay with friends, freedom of choice, world exploration, and other RPG elements. A nice bonus: Larian Studios has promised that all demo-version owners will be able to upgrade the game to the deluxe edition for free.

Resident Evil 4

Another high-profile remake of 2023 is an updated version of Resident Evil 4. The iconic Survival Horror has moved to a fresh RE Engine and also received in-depth gameplay. While keeping the core of the game, Capcom has added many small but important innovations.

The RE4 remake will have more interactive objects, a knife strength scale (so Leon will have to change weapons), the ability to parry attacks and aim at the move, stealth, and more. Other important changes include updated dialogues (but Leon’s trademark phrases are still available), the ability to close doors during a chase, and faster and smarter enemies.

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