This Year’s Most Popular Casino Games

In any calendar year, casino games will be popular. This is one of the most productive industries, and it continues to produce significant revenue, even in uncertain economic times.

In 2023, a host of new games has come onto the market. Some have already taken over as first choice options for many players. Other, more established titles, continue to enjoy greater popularity.

Here, then, is a list of the most popular casino games in 2023.

Themed Slot Games

The most prolific area of any casino website is the slots. There are many thousands of different titles available and more are being released on a regular basis. Individual operators can’t take every single game, but platforms such as Bally’s Casino UK will list hundreds of different slot titles.

The most popular options within this category are themed slots. That’s a wide description of games that have a particular theme attached. It’s still possible to play classic slots – games that carry the fruit symbols that derive from physical machines that have been around for decades.

Classic slots retain a following, but those with themes attract more attention. Those themes could be based on films or TV shows. There may be cartoon animals or a fantasy element. Statistics show that slot games with a theme are more popular than the basic versions.


A Gameshow title is the name used in the casino industry for a game that is operated via a wheel of fortune. These can usually be found in the live section of the website, and there are many titles to select from.

A good example here is Monopoly Live, which is based on the classic board game of the same name. The wheel is split into segments, most of which carry numbers. Bettors can stake on these numbers and they win if the wheel lands on a corresponding segment.

There are special sections on the wheel too, including Two Rolls and Four Rolls. When players stake on these and they drop in, Mr Monopoly rises from his seat and speeds around the gameboard, picking up multipliers on his way.

Each game within this category works in a similar way, and this is one of the fastest growing sections of any website.


Slingo is another relatively new game that has made a mark on the casino industry in a short space of time. As the name suggests, it’s a mix of slot play and bingo.

Each game within this category works differently, but it combines the basic elements of each of those games. Players look to line up matching symbols on the slot reels, while marking off numbers on their bingo card.

Many bingo and slot players have become Slingo converts, and more will come on board through 2024 and beyond.

Roulette with a Twist

Classic roulette is available at all online casinos. The three main versions, European, French and American can be found at most outlets. They remain constantly popular, but those original variants have met more competition over the last 12 months.

Over in the live casino rooms, games developers have been at their most innovative as they look to provide more choice to players. Among their most recent releases are titles that provide a twist to classic roulette gameplay.

It’s hard to identify one particular game within this category as a clear winner. Many options are driving quirky roulette games to the top. There is Lightning Roulette, where virtual lightning will strike individual numbers, applying multipliers along the way Double Ball roulette is another option where a second ball is released onto the wheel.

Cluster Pay Slots

In an industry that has been saturated by new games over the last ten years, it really is hard for the games developers to come up with something different. So, when a new innovation comes along, players tend to embrace it.

The cluster pay method in slot play is an interesting twist on the classics. Instead of lining up matching symbols along a payline, cash wins are awarded when a certain number of symbols ‘cluster together.’

The system is similar to that which has been seen in certain popular arcade games. It’s currently exclusive to one particular slot developer who has been producing titles for many years.

There are many Cluster Pay slots currently available and the list is growing consistently. Some of the most popular titles include Cluster Tumble, Lucky Leprechaun Clusters and Kluster Krystals Megaclusters.

Included here are the most popular casino games of the current year, and that popularity is set to extend into 2024 and beyond.

Some games have endured over many years and have seen off the competition provided by new releases. Other are relatively new games themselves that have made an instant mark in the industry. The choice will continue to increase, but how much will this list have changed in 12 months’ time?

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