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What Are The Most Traded Metaverse Coins In April 2022

With the world becoming more and more involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain, the list of coins like Solana available to trade has grown significantly. It can be difficult to know the most traded coins and which ones are worth investing in.

The metaverse is a shared universe made up of interconnected virtual worlds. It is also the name given to a new form of blockchain technology designed to power the next generation of virtual reality platforms. People build digital worlds in the metaverse and create digital assets like land that can be bought or sold in exchange for real money. The metaverse is an open world where anyone can create games, art, social communities, etc.

The Metaverse Blockchain is a public network of value, communication and trust. It is based on the principles of decentralization and blockchain philosophy. In other words, it is an open-source, public, and trustless network that provides a decentralized platform for digital assets and digital identity development.

These are the most traded metaverse coins in April 2022.


Enjin is an ERC-1155 token that is a standard in the gaming industry. Enjin has created a virtual goods platform enabling their community to create and integrate blockchain tokens into video games.

Enjin has made over 300,000 gamers and developers sign up to their platform since launching at the end of 2017. They were also the first blockchain project integrated into Google’s whitelisted public DApps on the Chrome Web Store.


Decentraland is a 3D interactive world where you can purchase land plots and build anything from virtual homes to casinos. Decentraland’s land ownership system is based on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) derived from Enjin Coin’s ERC-1155 standard. Decentraland allows users to develop content on their land and sell and buy land using Ethereum-based cryptocurrency called MANA, which can be mined through participating in games.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a game that lets you collect, raise, and battle adorable creatures called Axies. You can find them on the Ethereum blockchain and purchase them with cryptocurrency or fiat currency; each has its personality and traits that make it unique from others in this game! It has the second-highest potential due to its partnership with Binance. They get a lot of exposure and backing from Binance, and they will dominate the Asian market because they are based in South Korea.

Ape Coin

Apecoin or APE is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone. Apecoin is an open-source, global payment network that is fully decentralized without central authorities. Apecoin features faster transaction confirmation times and improved storage efficiency than the leading math-based currency.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is an online platform for distributing and promoting user-generated content. This is a “proof-of-concept” for an ambitious concept that many people have developed over the course of several years. It hosts games, applications, and other forms of digital media uploaded by its users.

The Sandbox launched its first product: CryptoZombies – A code school that teaches people how to code blockchain games using Ethereum smart contracts. Since then, it has grown to host over 50+ products, including CryptoKitties.

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