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Is Moving To California Worth It?

Are you tired of the snowy mountains and chilly winters and want to move to the sunny state of California? The odds are in your favor if you are in the high-income bracket or have a tech-related job. While moving, make sure you hire the best California moving company to ensure the moving process is smooth and you don’t have to take much on your shoulders.

Here are some things you need to know before you make a decision to move to the Golden State:

1. California has the best higher education options

If you have kids or are planning on going back to school, you’re in luck because the state has the biggest public university system in the country with in-state tuition. Sure the rates of tuition are rising but they’re still pretty less as compared to what other states and private institutions have to offer. And on top of that, you can always order custom paper to decrease the study load of your child. So we’d say, definitely take advantage of this perk while you’re there.

2. The cost of living is pretty high

California is one of the most expensive states in the USA when it comes to the cost of living. The tax rates are pretty high with marginal taxes at 13.3%, sales tax at 7%, and 50% gas tax. It’s one of the only two states in the US that have tax rates above 10%.

Not only this, there are very few houses on the market and the average rent of a three-bedroom house is $2800 which is definitely above the $1600 national average. And, if you were to get your own place then that would cost you an average of $600k, which is quite high.

So unless you have a lot of money or plan on splitting living costs with a friend or a relative, you may rethink moving here.

3. Beware of the wildfires and the homeless

2020 saw the biggest wildfire season in the state with over 2 million hectares of land succumbing to the fires. Building and rebuilding can be pretty frustrating for the locals, not to mention the side effects of smoke and pollution that affect the daily life of the people living in the bigger cities.

The wildfires aren’t the only problem, the state also has the largest population of homeless people in the country at 150,000 that you will see on streets everywhere.

4. Direct democracy is a thing in the state

Californians take their democracy very seriously. Any citizen has the right to start a petition, get enough signatures and put a proposal on the ballot. It’s as simple as that and the state’s history is full of these examples. So if you are cool with that then you should hire a moving company and move to the state of your dreams.

5. The proximity to nature is amazing

The Golden State is great for nature lovers. You can get around to national parks, ski resorts, and hike trails. It is the perfect balance between the hustle-bustle of a busy life and the calm of nature at the same time. So when you get a little too tired and overwhelmed with the city life, you can pack your bags and head out for an adventure with nature.

6. You get fresh produce

California is an agricultural hub. There are acres and acres of farms that produce fresh local vegetables and fruits more than any other state in the country. Your local farmers’ market will always be full of produce fresh from the fields and you will have the urge to ditch that unhealthy lifestyle and binge on the goodness of freshness. If eating right is a priority, this can be one of the main reasons for you to move to the Golden State.

7. Are you into wine?

Well, are you? Then you should know that California is the biggest wine producer in the country. You get to explore the wineries in action and see the beauty of this beverage being made up close. Even if you’re not moving to the state, just the wineries are reasoning enough for you to plan a trip.

There you have it. Those are some things we thought you should know about California that might just convince you to move there. The state is great for people that can afford it.

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