need a buckwheat pillow

4 Reasons You Need A US Made Buckwheat Pillow

It’s crucial to choose the proper pillow to get a good night’s sleep. There are several sizes and designs to choose from, but many believe most traditional pillows are uncomfortable and harmful to your body.

Choosing the wrong pillow for you may cause not only pain but medical issues as well. Therefore, it’s a great idea to consider getting a US-made buckwheat pillow as it’s packed with various benefits that may provide you with a good night’s sleep.

What Is A Buckwheat Pillow?

Buckwheat pillow, also known as sobakawa, originated from Japan. It has become popular overseas and has now reached the US.

In comparison to the composition of regular pillows, buckwheat pillows have hulls, which are the stiff outer casings of seeds. The three-sided buckwheat seed goes through a complex de-hulling process, and only the two-sided shell remains after the seed is separated.

These shells are long-lasting, heat-resistant, and allergen-free. Here’s a video you can view to know how those hulls look like.

Buckwheat pillows are often compared to firm, dense bean bags because the hulls make them firm but thin. Those qualities make it possible for it to snug closely to the head and neck.

Why Choose A US-Made Buckwheat Pillow?

Buckwheat pillow has many potentials that may help you sleep better and improve your physical health. The ones manufactured in the United States are mainly made of buckwheat hulls produced domestically. They’ve been air cleaned without chemicals, making them highly desirable.

Below are other reasons why you should consider using a buckwheat pillow.

1. It May Help Maintain Good Posture

Poor posture and neck pain are common problems experienced by remote workers because of sitting for long periods. However, do you know that sleeping might also be the cause of these problems?

Most people sleep on their sides, and doing so may cause severe back and shoulder pain if not properly supported. Maintaining a good posture while sleeping requires support on your head, neck, and shoulders.

Buckwheat pillows could do just that. Since their buckwheat hulls don’t compact when you sleep, it could hold your head and neck in an ergonomic position. Its hulls will mold into the correct shape for your body, which may provide extra comfort.

Most soft pillows flatten under the weight of your head. Because of that, some of them don’t provide the necessary support. That’s why side sleepers who need a lot of shoulder support must consider using US-made buckwheat hull pillows.

Furthermore, stomach sleepers may also experience hip, back, and neck pain as a result of their unnatural body alignment. Using a buckwheat pillow filled up less than normal may be a safe way to prevent pain upon waking. This ensures that the hulls are distributed equally and the body is supported.

2. It May Repel Dust Mites And Bacterial Toxins

Dust mites are unpleasant to deal with, and typical pillows may easily become infested with them. It could be very uncomfortable to sleep knowing these allergy-inducing and asthma-triggering little critters are thriving on your pillow.

The hulls inside a buckwheat pillow could act as a natural deterrent to dust mites. However, it is only true if you get a high-quality one.

Also, bacterial toxin results found on other buckwheat pillows seem to not be present among buckwheat pillows made in the United States. Furthermore, many consumers with allergies attested that they’ve gotten relief with pillows filled with US-made hulls.

need a buckwheat pillow

3. It May Be More Cost-Effective Than Traditional Pillows

Keeping the organic US-made buckwheat pillows fluffy and smooth doesn’t require meticulous cleaning. Their covers can be washed in the washing machine, and the pillow can be refreshed by laying it in the sun and drying it out regularly.

The US-made buckwheat pillows are also affordable. They’re usually less expensive than some of the higher-end foam pillows. After one night’s sleep, you may see that the pillow is well worth the money. They are also a cost-effective option in the long run because they could last up to ten years, while conventional pillows may only last around three years.

4. It Could Be Cool And Breathable

Traditional pillows may trap body heat, which makes them hot and uncomfortable, particularly during summer. Warm air cannot escape your pillow’s fill due to a lack of air movement.

On the other hand, buckwheat hulls from the US have a triangular shape. It allows air to move through and let heat dissipate. Since buckwheat pillows don’t trap heat, you might not need to turn your pillow over in the middle of the night to sleep.


There are many pillows to choose from. However, it may be best if you consider using those that can help maintain good posture while you sleep. It is cool and breathable, toxins-free, resistant to mites, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. US-made buckwheat pillows are believed to possess these qualities.

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