never consider taking divorce advice from your friends

Why Should You Never Consider Taking Divorce Advice from Your Friends?

Friends are undoubtedly one of the essential parts of your life. They have stuck with you from the worst days to the best days of your life. You trust them and consider them a part of your family.

Even though you have intelligent, successful, and well-behaved friends, you should never go to them while asking for divorce advice. This is because the process will only become more harmful, especially in financial or legal matters.

You can listen to the suggestions of your friends for the other aspects of your life. But if you’re going through a divorce, their suggestions are the last thing you need to hear. Here are the reasons why you should not ask friends for divorce advice.

They Forget That Every Divorce is Different

Your friends have known you for years, and they will do everything in their power to make you feel good. But often time friends forget that divorce situations are different. This means that what you’re going through is unique, and they might not be able to help you at all.

The precautions and measurements that worked for a divorced friend might not work properly in your case. If you make poor choices during your divorce period, you will end up in serious as well as expensive legal troubles. Not to mention, you might also face serious financial issues. As per Forbes, divorce is undoubtedly costly.

Most importantly, make sure you never take divorce advice from your friends that will lower or boost the settlement’s expectations. Even if your friend has a financial or legal background, unless they know the law, it’s best to contact an expert.

They Have Little Understanding of the Law

Unless your friend has a strong legal background, they won’t have thorough knowledge about the legal matter. For instance, the father’s rights during a divorce are fundamental. Your friend might not know about this aspect and, therefore, might give you improper advice.

Many people think that they know all the about the law. But watching TV series or other divorce settlements is not the same as the actual law. Family law is undoubtedly one of the most complicated legal matters.

They might give you some advice that will put your financial condition in jeopardy. Therefore, it’s best if you hire a professional to solve your divorce.

They Don’t Know About Your Situation

No matter how you open up to your friends, they won’t be able to know what’s going on with your marriage life. You might think that your friend is super close to you and they will understand. But in reality, you’re the only person who knows what’s going on with your life.

Friends might know the income of you and your spouse, the value of your house, and the bank balance. But they don’t know how the assets will be divided during the divorce period. Not to mention, they also don’t know how they can process the financial information of your company objectively or legally.


These are the reasons why you should not listen to your friends for divorce advice. Make sure you let us know if you have any questions.

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