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A Guide To Off-Grid Living And Azhen Sanctuary

Living off-grid has been a dream for many. While most thought it was impossible to bring it to reality, the efforts of a few have made it possible. From connecting with the online community to learning the step-by-step strategy of off-grids, the resources are ample today.

Jaymie and Shelby Friesen founded Azhen Sanctuary. It is a 160-acre off-grid space offering several online courses and workshops. It’s a way to give back to nature, build a community, and pass on the indigenous lineage.

If you look forward to accessing complete freedom, this lifestyle may suit you best. It would help if you said goodbye to public utilities like sewer, electric lines, and water. At the same time, adopt an efficient and self-reliant way of living.

Essential Steps to Live

While it may seem challenging initially, it is possible to build a self-sufficient homestead. Some hard work, the right resources, and the below steps will help you achieve it.

Buy Land

Buying land is the first step because you will need a space to establish a homestead. An affordable location away from the major cities is suggested. It must have access to water and trees that can be further used. A road to get in and out of the property must be paid attention to. Knowing about property taxes and zoning laws is highly recommended.

Build or Buy a Home

Build an off-grid home from scratch, or buy one that already exists in an off-grid community. Everything is possible, from building tiny homes to treehouses. Some people also join off-grid communities while maintaining their existing connections. While Azhen Sanctuary is located in BC, Canada, you can search online for the ones in your area.

Installing Solar Power

Home energy independence is integral when you want to live off the grid. Installing solar power is the best way to do so in most conditions. So, know your options and understand how to go about it from the experts.

Water Management

From drilling a well for freshwater to installing a tank system, there are multiple ways to establish a water management system. Drums or barrels can also be used to collect water. The collected water can be used for gardening, the toilet, and washing clothes. However, find a system to purify the water for drinking purposes.

You’ll also need to learn how to grow and preserve food. For enhanced food self-sufficiency, hunting and gathering food are other options. Staying healthy, reducing home waste, and saving money are critical to an off-grid lifestyle.

How Does Azhen Sanctuary Benefit?

The off-grid sanctuary has been incredibly influential in buildin g a community, aligning with nature, and living well. You can also participate in their online courses and other programs to learn about the lifestyle. You can know everything from acquiring land to becoming financially self-sufficient.

• Azhen is creating a network of ponds holding 100 litres of water. It will play a significant role in improving forest biodiversity and growing organic food.

• The two brothers, Jaymie and Shelby, aim to take forward their culture by developing the off-grid community. The sanctuary was created to make indigenous teachings accessible and a modern way of living aligned with nature.

The authorities also offer several workshops to understand the lifestyle better and learn the same.

Final Thoughts

The lack of feeling of a community made the brothers establish a space of their own. They have fulfilled their dreams of moving off-grid and living a self-reliant life. Not only that, but they have also benefited hundreds of clients with the same.

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