5 Tips for Online Shoe Shopping

Online shopping is fun since you get to shop at the comfort of your own home or even anywhere. But sometimes, it’s scary too, especially when it comes to shoes. You might end up with the wrong size or the wrong model. 

If you’re gunning to buy quality finds like men’s exotic skin shoes or leather shoes, you have to be even more careful. You can’t just hope that they’d fit you like magic. Here are 5 tips for you to follow when online shoe shopping!

Tips on Buying Shoes Online

1. Buy from websites that you can zoom in on images from.

One of the saddest things you have to deal with when it comes to shoe shopping online, whether via PC or your Android smartphone, is that you can’t expect full accuracy. While there are photos that can guide your purchase, sometimes these aren’t enough. 

So, it would be nice if you can buy from shops or sellers that have clear images of the shoe. Not only clear, but they also have to be taken from different angles. To get a better idea of the quality and finish, you should shop from sites that allow you to zoom in the images. 

This is so you can assess whether the color is right for you, the materials used satisfy you, and it can be a good investment for you. Shops that don’t allow you to zoom in would be a big risk to buy from.

2. Look for photos with models wearing the shoes on.

In order to properly visualize yourself wearing the shoes, you can use a model reference. This is extra useful if you’re going for a new look. 

On a model’s feet, you can be able to examine how much skin you reveal and how it would look on your body type. It can also reveal the make of the shoe and how well it fits. 

If you cannot find any available photos from the brand you aim to buy from, look for other photos. It’s also good if you can find photos of the shoes on a model in different lighting and set-ups. 

3. Measure your feet.

Plant your feet flat on a piece of white paper. Trace the outline of your foot with a pen and make sure to measure from the tip of the big toe to your heel. 

This is also beneficial if you have differently sized feet, so make sure you get both sizes. From this, you can reference which size is best for you on the size charts of online sellers. 

4. Start cheap.

If it’s your first time buying online or you’re unfamiliar with the brand, begin with a test order. Don’t spend too much to be on the safe side.

For items like men’s leather shoes and exotic skin shoes, you have to be extra careful. Those don’t come in cheap, so make sure you’re trusting of the brand before you go ahead and shop too much. 

Ensure that the return and exchange policies work well for you. Familiarize yourself with the return and exchange policy before you make any purchase. Returning items can break your bank a bit, particularly if it comes from overseas shops.

5. Shop Wisely

Before you go and shop ‘til you drop, make sure you’ve gotten the hang of shopping wisely. Online shopping is a risk, but it’s a convenient one to make. Just educate yourself with the tips we’ve given above. 

Also, if you’re thinking of buying shoes online, you should consider getting a virtual credit card. Virtual credit cards are useful in making seamless transactions, protection against identity theft, and spending control. Now that you’ve prepared all that, enjoy your shopping!

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