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How To Order Flowers From A Flower Shop?

The choices are endless while purchasing flowers. You can choose from simple and beautiful roses to exotic varieties like tulips and orchids. Whether it is your wedding, your best friend’s birthday or any other celebration, you cannot ignore the importance of flowers.

Most people do not pay much attention to the variety and type of flowers while purchasing from a flower shop. As long as the flower arrangement looks beautiful and falls within your budget, you are satisfied with it. But for big events like a wedding or birthday party, you shouldn’t be just satisfied with the flower. You should have a clear idea of the type of flower and arrangement and whether it suits the occasion. 

What To Order?

The words ‘flower’, ‘bouquet’ and ‘arrangement’ are used interchangeably while ordering flowers from a flower shop. It would be best if you had a clear idea of what each stands for. 

If you order flowers, you will receive only a bunch of flowers you ordered for. E.g. if you order a bunch of roses, you will get only the rose flowers in the color you ordered without any specific arrangement. 

A flower bouquet is a beautifully arranged collection of flowers you can carry around. Bouquets are either gifted to someone or carried along like a bridal bouquet. They come neatly wrapped in beautiful papers and have accessories attached to beautify them. 

A flower arrangement or design is a bunch of flowers neatly arranged in a container or vase. It is meant to be placed somewhere like the center or side table. They are likely to be more elaborate and are done in beautiful containers or vases. 

Having a clear idea of what to order makes the task of a florist easy. 

How To Select The Right Flower Arrangement?

Once you have decided what to order, you should decide on the right flowers or flower arrangement to purchase. This is influenced by several factors. 


What is the occasion for which you are ordering the flowers? Is it for a wedding, birthday or funeral? Or is it purchased as a gift for someone special? Depending on the occasion, you can decide whether to go for a flower bouquet, flower arrangement or a bunch of flowers. 

A flower bouquet will be a perfect choice if it is a gift to someone. You can send a bouquet with bright flowers as a ‘get well soon’ gift to someone in the hospital. To offer condolence, you can order a flower bouquet in white with a lot of greenery.

If you want to decorate your home with flowers, you should go for a bunch of flowers instead of a flower bouquet. This way you can rearrange the flowers the way you want. But if you are looking for a center table decor, a flower arrangement visible from all sides would be a great option.  

For event decor, the flowers to choose from depend on the type of event. Bright flowers are best for events related to joy or happiness, like a wedding. Flowers that provide a sophisticated look like orchids can be used for commercial events. 


The color of the floral arrangement depends on the occasion or the person to whom you are gifting. If it is a valentine’s day gift, it goes without saying that red is the preferred choice. You can also gift flowers in pink and white to your lover. If you are ordering a bridal bouquet, white would be the preferred color as it is the color of purity. 

For other occasions like birthdays, you should pay attention to the color preference of the person being gifted. If you do not know the person’s color preference, you can consider their personality. E.g. for a cheerful person, stargaze lilies would be a great choice. If you have no idea about color preference or personality, a bouquet with mixed flowers would be a perfect choice. 

If you custom-make a bouquet, clearly communicate the color and type of flowers. This makes the task of the florist easy. Also, if the person has any preference concerning the flower arrangement, you can specify that as well. 


Flower arrangements and bouquets are available in a wide price range. Thus, it would be best to consider how much you are ready to spend before purchasing a bouquet.

A simple flower arrangement with a few beautiful flowers would cost less than AED 100. A large arrangement with multiple flowers would cost as high as AED 300. Besides, if you are ordering from an online flower shop, you should also consider the delivery charges. Thus, depending on your budget, you can get the bouquet custom-made. 


Whether it is an online or offline flower shop, ordering flowers is easy provided you know your requirement well. Communicate clearly to the florist about the type of arrangement you want and the color of the flowers. Similarly, you should also specify your budget so that flowers can be selected accordingly. 

It would help if you also kept in mind that all flowers do not last long. If you are looking for flowers that stay fresh for weeks, you should specify the same so that the florist can make the proper selection.

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