organise a summer clear out

How To Organise A Summer Clear Out

The beginning of a new season is the ideal time for a good tidy-up and clear-out so you can head into summer with a clean, well-organized home. Here are some top tips for how to organize a summer clear-out and free up some much-needed space in your home.

Sort Seasonal Clothes

Summer means the start of warmer weather at last, and with heatwaves on the horizon, there’ll be no more need for those thick winter coats and chunky boots. Moving your seasonal wardrobe in and out of storage means you can make way for new purchases and is a great opportunity to get rid of clothes you no longer need by donating or recycling them.

Why not make some dedicated space in a walk-in wardrobe for hanging up your out-of-season clothing? That way it’ll be ready and waiting when the seasons change again and you’ll thank yourself for being so organized earlier in the year!

Tidy Lesser-Used Rooms

Whether it’s the garage, the attic, basement, or spare room, the rooms we use least often typically become messy quicker as they’re frequently used to dump or store items that we don’t know where to put.

Use the changing seasons as an opportunity to take stock of what’s taking up space in your home and consider if it even needs a place anymore. Many of us hang on to things like unwanted gifts and outgrown clothes for far too long when you could sell them online or donate them to charity instead.

Create Boxes

Decluttering and clearing things out is great but the process itself can be messy and your home may initially look and feel worse rather than better. Use boxes to keep the clutter to a minimum and ensure things don’t get mixed up.

Have one box labeled for items you want to keep, one for items that are to be recycled, donated, or sold, and another for items that need throwing away. Be sure to check the label on each box before you load it in your car to take it to the recycling center or charity shop, that way you’ll avoid accidentally giving away a treasured family heirloom or safely tucking away a box of rubbish in your attic!

Keep It Clean

If an area feels dirty or messy, it’s easier to let a few out-of-place items go unnoticed before you know it, this can turn into a dirty dish or laundry mountain that threatens to topple at any minute!

Staying on top of daily cleaning means you’ll be more motivated to keep your home looking great so make sure you keep up with the basics like wiping down surfaces and vacuuming regularly. It’s easier to maintain a clean, tidy home than it is to let things build up and have to start all over from scratch so the more often you can tidy around and clear things out, the easier it will be to keep your home looking great all year round.

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