An Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Movie Screen Rentals

Do you need a new idea for an outdoor movie theatre for your company event? Why not choose to rent an outdoor movie screen? It’s simple and affordable (depending on your budget).

An outdoor movie screen rental is a popular party idea that can be used for weddings, graduations, birthdays, and other special events.

It makes an excellent addition to a marketing campaign by showcasing company-sponsored movies or new releases during company outings and gatherings.

The following article will explain how outdoor movie screen rentals work, the different types of outdoor screens available for rent, and choose the right one.

Types of Outdoor Movie Screens

According to statistics, the party and event rental segment reached more than $200 million in Canada in 2016.

There are three different types of outdoor movie screens that can be rented:

Standard Projection Screen

This movie screen type is usually made out of vinyl or nylon because it’s lightweight and relatively inexpensive. One downside is that standard projection screens can be susceptible to damage from inclement weather conditions such as rain, snow, and strong wind.

Matte White

This outdoor movie screen is usually made of heavy-duty vinyl or nylon material.

It’s more durable than the standard projection screen, but it’s also heavier. Matte white screens are great for outdoor movie rentals because they can withstand inclement weather conditions much better than a standard projection screen.

Cineflex Elite

This type of outdoor movie screen is made out of a heavy-duty material similar to the fabric used on theater drapes.

It’s more durable than standard projection and matte white screens because it can withstand extreme weather conditions. The Cineflex Elite offers high-quality resolution, making images look crystal clear from a distance.

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Movie Screen Rental for You?

There’s no right or wrong way to choose an outdoor movie screen rental for your special event. Here are things you should consider before making a final decision on which company to use:

The Size of Your Outdoor Movie Screen

Suppose you have a large group attending your special event and expect many people to be viewing the movie screen. You should consider renting a larger outdoor movie screen to accommodate everyone.

The Distance You’ll Be from the Outdoor Movie Screen

Since larger screens project higher quality images, those too far away may not make out any details on the screen. Keep this in mind when choosing an outdoor movie screen.

The Kind of Event You’re Hosting

If your organization is hosting a charity event, fun run, or marathon, you may want to consider renting several smaller screens so that everyone can see the movie being projected. Conversely, if you have a massive party with hundreds of people attending, an outdoor movie screen rental may not be the best choice.

Assessing Your Event Budget

If you’re on a tight budget, renting an outdoor movie screen may not be the right choice because it’s one of the pricier entertainment options available for your event. Consider your group’s overall entertainment needs when deciding to rent an outdoor movie screen or something else.

Be Creative in Combining Outdoor Movie Screen Rentals with Other Entertainment Options

It’s a popular trend for companies to rent multiple entertainment packages.

For example, you can supplement your special event by renting a projector and outdoor movie screen together, then play a fun company-sponsored movie during the event.

It is an excellent way to promote your company, its products, and services.

Conversely, you can choose to go with an outdoor movie screen rental if your group is hosting a charity event or fun run where people are looking forward to watching a specific movie or documentary. Remember that creativity is always the key to a successful special event.

Features to Check When Renting an Outdoor Movie Screen

When you’re looking to rent a new outdoor movie screen, there are a couple of features that you should check first. Here are things to look for:


Since outdoor movie screens are made out of a material that’s not as thick or heavy as standard projection screens, they can be susceptible to damage from inclement weather. Some companies will use an umbrella-like structure when projecting movies on their outdoor movie rentals.

It is great because it protects the screen from rain and snowfall, so it stays in tip-top condition.


Suppose your company hosts a special event in an area where weather conditions can be harsh. In that case, you should check if the outdoor movie rental company you’re considering has insurance in case something happens to their equipment.

Screens that are adequately insured will help protect your investment, so it stays intact.

Make sure you choose an outdoor movie screen rental company that offers high-quality equipment for optimal convenience on the day of the actual event.

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