Dutch Oven Camp Nachos

Dutch Oven Camp Nachos
with Joshua McFadden

I am a big fan of nachos, tacos, and burritos around a campfire, actually anywhere for that matter. With that said you could easily turn this recipe into a Dutch Oven taco or burrito filling. Use the same condiment plate, add some warm tortillas, and serve. Everybody knows how to use a taco station. I always make salsas or marinate my meats the night before, anything that can be done ahead I do. I really prefer to relax, drink wine, cause trouble, and hang with nature and my friends when camping. Being prepared makes cooking with a fire so much easier. Cooking in one pan and grilling something to add to the meal is the way to go.

Camp Nachos
Dutch Oven

Ground Beef
This will be the base. I add equal parts beef to a uncased chorizo.

Red Onions
Thinly sliced.

Frontera Seasoning Sauce
Whatever one looks good to you.

Canned Beans
I use a mix of refried and two or three other beans. Pick your favorite beans.

Mix up the olives, green, black, whatever you want. Don’t like olives? Don’t use them.

I mix chips. Sounds pointless, but adding in spicy blues, with traditional chips and also a lime chip, makes it all more then the sum of the parts.

I buy a couple of pre-grated cheeses. I have favorites. Pick yours.

You can make a fresh salsa or buy one. I love Frontera products. Pick two or three: green, red, hot, mild. You can never have too much salsa. 

Side Plate of Add-Ons
Buffet Style


Sour cream



Pickled Jalapenos
Thinly sliced (buy the little can with the carrots and goodies).

Red Onions
Thinly sliced.

Thinly sliced (you can even grill them, chop them up, and add them at the end).

As far as amounts, you can only have not enough nachos, go big.

You want a nice fire with some good coals going. The thing with cooking with a Dutch Oven is that you will be putting coals on top to create the oven effect.

I start with a glug of oil into a hot Dutch Oven, then add the meat and let brown. Next, add the onions and cook down for a bit, maybe 8-12 minutes. Then I add in the Frontera seasoning packet and season with salt. Next add the beans and heat through. Then re-season. After that’s done, remove from the fire and let cool. The cooling allows you to mix in the chips with the meat and the beans. If they’re too hot the chips will get soggy.

Once cool, toss in some chips and mix around. Then layer with cheese, olives, salsa, and repeat. Top the whole thing with a good bit of cheese. Then put on the lid of the Dutch Oven and place coals directly on top of it. This will heat and bake the nachos.

Once it’s all melted serve next to the platter of goods and enjoy.

  • When you reheat or cook with a Dutch Oven from the top, you layer on the goods to melt, and heat just like in a home oven.

  • Whatever you don’t eat can just cool in the Dutch Oven, and then get reheated in the morning with eggs for a nacho casserole..